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ZTE Mobile Phone Coaching veteran Yan Yimin from twenty-first Century economic report had Xuezhong ZTE Tibet Jin reported in Shenzhen released a new appointment of executive director Yin Yimin replaced Ceng Xuezhong as general manager of business department in charge of the terminal, ZTE mobile phone business, replacing Ceng Xuezhong in the end division general manager, and as the company EVP to assist the work of Yin yimin. October 24th, the company issued an internal document issued by the executive director of the company for the company’s mobile phone business executives, executive director of the identity of the general manager of the terminal division. The performance of their duties has been nearly 3 years of mobile phone is responsible for Ceng Xuezhong will continue to serve as vice president of ZTE global, assist Yin Yimin. The last day of 2013, ZTE terminal division was established, "Young Turks" Ceng Xuezhong to succeed He Shiyou as executive vice president, responsible for the terminal operations. After taking office, has Xuezhong ZTE terminal for comprehensive reform, abandoned machine sea tactics, focusing on product innovation. However, with the increasingly fierce competition in the market increasingly saturated smartphone, ZTE mobile phone market performance has not been a big improvement. Data show that in 2015, although ZTE smartphone sales reached 56 million units, domestic sales of only 15 million units. This achievement with HUAWEI, millet, OPPO, VIVO and other domestic manufacturers from. In the beginning of 2015 this year, the work summary Ceng Xuezhong pointed out that in 2015 the 56 million smartphone shipments did not complete the annual goal of the top 60 million, ranking the world’s top seventh. He believes that ZTE mobile phone in the country’s biggest mistakes and deficiencies are two: first, the strategic mistakes, no insight into the consumer trends and trends in channel conversion, missed the air outlet. Second, the inherent control mode, brand and other short board, has not been fully promoted. According to ZTE earnings, 2015 ZTE revenue 100 billion 190 million yuan, the first breakthrough billion, compared with an increase of 23% in 2014. Among them, the operator network services to achieve operating income of 57 billion 220 million yuan; government business to achieve operating income of RMB 10 billion 500 million yuan; consumer business operating income of RMB 32 billion 470 million yuan. ZTE in coaching after the appointment of the open letter pointed out that ZTE three existing businesses, compared to mobile phone system equipment and cnge has the greatest opportunity and challenge, and pointed out that the "coaching" strategic position to enhance the mobile phone business and management level. The incoming Yin Yimin, is one of the 5 top ZTE founder Hou Weigui hand cultivate. As a veteran, who served as executive director of ZTE for 19 years. 2004-2010, Yin Yimin also has served as president of ZTE Corporation, 2010 Shi Lirong took over, Yin Yimin as company directors. Statistics show that after retiring, Yin Yimin in addition to continue to serve as executive directors of the listed company, was appointed as the parent company ZTE ZTE new chairman. Here, a number of internal involvement in the launch of investment companies, investment funds, contributed to a number of participating companies listed on the A shares. Return the Yin Yimin, the challenge is not small: the domestic market, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo and other domestic manufacturers have been carved up most of the market share, and in.相关的主题文章: