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Ziyang guy because of fatigue driving at 5 in the morning and drove into the car Sichuan Ziyang online channel global paddy field in the paddy field news (intern reporter Huang Zhiwei Intern Wang Ruiqi) November 23rd, called a "young man dozing open coaster, rushed into the pond, the cold enough acid Oh" of the post at a forum in Ziyang. Post, in the town of Danshan Pan Shi Xiang, a Geely car "across the country road," "quiet" soaked in water for more than half the roadside field, covered by cold water, "winter, cold ah." For a time, the post caused concern of many users. Why cars will be caught in the paddy field? Today (25), the reporter conducted a detailed understanding of this. Reporters learned that the post post called Song Jianjun. 22 in the morning, Song Jianjun back to the town of Dan stone village to visit relatives, go fishing, passing through this piece of paddy field just to see the scene in the post. According to Song Jianjun, the car rushed into the paddy fields is a young man, in 21, back to the town of Danshan Pan Shi Xiang to see his grandmother, that night because not accustomed to the home environment, did not sleep well, just second days earlier in the morning drive home (Ziyang) rest. Song Jianjun told reporters, when the young man said do not understand this at the corner of paddy field, thinking speed is a bit faster to go home, go to here is the eyes narrowed a bit, did not think this happened. The young man also said that this belongs to fatigue driving, buy a profound lesson. Because of the cold weather, it is more than 5 in the morning, when there is no pedestrian accident, this guy was only trying to get out of their own." Song Jianjun said, fortunately, the water is not deep in the paddy field, the young man in the vehicle into the water after the reaction in a timely manner, found in the hand can not open the door, with his feet kicked the window glass, and finally climbed out from the window. 22 more than 5 in the morning, I heard a bang…… "To see a car in the frozen paddy field, there is a guy in the air, go out on a climb, all wet." Who lives in the vicinity of the incident residents Chen Changju said, "this cold day off the field, it’s really cold ah, the driver how so carelessly." Said the return, but enthusiastic locals quickly came to dry clothes trousers to the young man. It is understood that the accident is only a loss of vehicles, has been brought back to the repair shop for repair, and did not cause casualties. I hope all drivers must put an end to fatigue driving, once in the process of driving fatigue, to be able to stop in a timely manner where the rest, safe travel, safe home.相关的主题文章: