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Zhu Ting has to talk about the women’s volleyball team spirit and   "king of contempt" – Sports – people.com.cn original title: Zhu Ting has to talk about women’s volleyball team spirit and the "king of contempt" in September 3rd, Zhu Ting in the media conference to answer a reporter’s question. On the same day, with the return to Rio Olympic women’s volleyball MVP Zhu Ting in Zhengzhou held a press conference, attracted a lot of media and fans. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Ang Lee Xinhua Zhengzhou September 3rd sports news (reporter Liu Jinhui) 3 days, with the return to Rio Olympic Games women’s volleyball team MVP Zhu Ting held a press conference in Zhengzhou. She admitted to adhere to and do not give up is the spirit of the women’s volleyball team, and was described as the "contempt of the king," the action and expression, she was interpreted as the field of improvisation". Zhu Ting back home, attracting many media and fans. Always can’t talk much Zhu Ting open to talking in front of my home crowd, and answered more than and 10 questions, and also a sense of humor, causing laughter. When it comes to women’s volleyball team spirit, Zhu Ting said, China women’s volleyball team spirit has been passed, including the old women’s volleyball team won "to present them to continue the spirit of women, women’s volleyball team spirit is to keep her personal opinion and not give up. The Rio Olympic Games, women’s volleyball Chinese bad start, with 2 wins and 3 defeats stumbled into the playoffs, but then to overcome the difficulties, even grams of strong, 12 years later, once again won the gold medal in the Olympic games. Among them, as the main player of Zhu Ting’s outstanding performance in the 8 games of the Olympic Games to get a total of 179 points, ranked first in the standings. At the same time, she scored 33 points in the semi-final and the Holland team, but also the Rio Olympic Games women’s volleyball match in the highest individual score. In addition, Zhu Ting also with 42.27% success rate of the attack at the top of spike. Even so, Zhu Ting has always been modest, said: Rio Olympic Games, I give myself 60 points, because there are a lot of athletes, I am not as good as they are on the field, the technology is far from enough. At the same time, scoring less, it means that the rise in space is relatively large. However, in the Rio Olympics, I still have some progress." The Olympic Games in the semi-final match against Holland, Zhu ting in continuous smash after taking up the morale of a very excited, Zhu Ting had raised his forefinger, mouth slightly higher, domineering side leakage. These actions and expressions are made by the user expression pack, named Wang contempt". "This is just a kind of improvisation on the field, only to be able to do all the time in the game, there may be a new expression package, but only on the field." Zhu Ting smiled and said, "in fact, I am usually a very gentle and quiet people." From 2007 to enter the school, to become the world champion, to harvest the Olympic gold medal in 9 years, Zhu Ting growth from a Henan rural girl as the world volleyball star. The FIVB has on the official website with "unbelievable power" to describe Zhu Ting was born. Before the Rio games, Zhu Ting has signed a contract with the Turkey team. "I’m going to Turkey in September 12th, and there are a lot of good players there." Zhu Ting said, "thank you for giving me the opportunity to exercise, it will be for my career."相关的主题文章: