Zhong Ji grasp the rare resources of China’s first tea Pu’er tea shares shuyue

Kyrgyzstan: Master of scarce resources China Pu’er tea trees in the first Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you my investment highlights: – Kyrgyzstan, is a professional engaged in R & D, Pu’er tea trees planting, production and sales of the enterprise, is the first China Pu’er tea trees shares. The company has a complete industrial chain of Pu’er tea, has now formed a total of five series of more than a hundred varieties of ancient tea tea products. After nearly 10 years of development, China has become one of the most influential enterprises in the field of Pu’er tea. – as a business for many years in the field of Pu’er Tea veteran enterprises, companies began to control the layout of the ancient trees tea since 2012, has set up the class basin, Brown hills, four, Bangdong Mengku tea base, an area of about more than 1 thousand acres, with the ancient tea tree more than 30 thousand. According to the company’s strategy, Kyrgyzstan, the future will use the capital market platform, through mergers and acquisitions and other means, strategic acquisitions of upstream scarce ancient tea tree resources, expand sales channels, development of the Internet platform, and strive to become the industry’s leading enterprises Pu’er Tea subdivision. – based on the following reasons, we are very optimistic about the future growth space in Kyrgyzstan no.. First, the ancient tea tree as a scarce resource, knowledge resources of enterprise can control the future, the future competition will be largely attributed to the control of resources competition, Kyrgyzstan, as an important control of upstream resources, have the opportunity to occupy the active position in the competition in the future; second, the company has a complete industrial chain then, manufacturing technology and quality control ability of the top Pu’er Tea, regardless of the cost or quality of products are very competitive advantage; third, the company has multi-level marketing channels including large dealer network, self flagship store, tea college, bank cooperation channels, private custom channels, can smoothly transfer itself high quality products and tea culture for different types of consumer groups, market advantage is obvious; fourth, as Pu’er Tea to promote health Kang consumer direction of the development of the precursor, is expected to become one of the biggest beneficiaries of Pu’er tea popularization. In 2016 the company expects 2017 revenues were 70 million yuan and 100 million yuan, net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company were 15 million yuan and 24 million yuan, corresponding to the company’s current 26 million 25 thousand equity earnings per share were 0.58 yuan and 0.92 yuan stock shares. Taking into account the good growth of the company, we give the company in 2016 earnings per share 25 times – earnings ratio of 30 times the valuation of the corresponding valuation range of $14.5 – $17.4 shares. Company profile: Pu’er tea trees industry leader in Kyrgyzstan, was founded in 2007, is a professional engaged in R & D, Pu’er tea trees planting, production and marketing enterprises, is the first China Pu’er tea trees shares. The company has a complete industrial chain Pu’er Tea, owns Menghai jizhiyuan Kyrgyzstan, Yunnan, Guangzhou, Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyzstan and Dongguan No. four wholly-owned subsidiary. Compared to the majority of the market Pu’er Tea enterprise, Kyrgyzstan No. characteristics is to adhere to the mountains on the hundred years old相关的主题文章: