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Zhengzhou, a residential property will build makeshift parking foreign rental profit – owner of Beijing reporter Ding Fenglin the Zhengzhou City Center District Albert wealth Yang Dahe call complaints said: residential parking spaces is very tight, even residential property occupies more than one parking lot built three shelters, a to say that the real commitment as property and community service, but now the foreign owners of rental profit, causing discontent. Albert wealth center Yufeng road and Fengming Road intersection, Zhengzhou City, the day before yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the district in the area at the entrance to see the three makeshift complaints claimed, two of them were used as two hotels outside the reception room, hung with a hotel brand, the hotel is in residential buildings, the other one hung community convenience store brand, but not business. Mr Yang said the complaints, the District completed more than and 10 years, because of the early completion time, parking planning is very few, in this case, the property has occupied a number of parking spaces to be used as housing owners and property services center, but did not expect that some time ago, did not see the activity center but, Hang Hotel and convenience stores. In this regard, the district property manager Liu explained that the housing is a simple property companies cover, when they entered the. Because there is only one residential property space, really nervous, and later with the office and the relevant departments to coordinate, three rooms were used as a property service room. Since it is a property service room, and how to become a hotel outside the reception room? Liu explained that this is a business and property companies signed the contract, the reporter asked who was charged rent, Liu did not answer. However, for the owners to reflect the situation, Liu said they have corrected. At present, after coordination, they have recovered one, the other two are also being coordinated, and ultimately they will be a few houses as police duty room and maintenance service room. A staff reporter then contacted the district where the community of Mr. Lee, Mr. Li confirmed a few days ago, the Zhengzhou Municipal Urban Management Bureau also received complaints from owners, and they issued a deadline for the removal of the notice, the community is also actively coordinating with the property as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: