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Zheng sugar callback phase of the inevitable exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beginning in mid September, Zheng sugar contract 1701 yuan from 6200 tons up, the maximum rose to 6765 yuan tons, out of nearly 600 yuan prices, a decline of two months ago. Before the national day, the market sentiment to do high, spot prices continue to rise substantially. After the National Day holiday "calm", whether the market sentiment will change? The Ministry of Commerce survey without a substantial positive in September 22nd, the Ministry of Commerce issued "on the safeguards investigation notice" on sugar imports, said it will launch an investigation on Safeguard Measures on imports of sugar, and at the end of the 6 months. The results of the survey will determine whether the current sugar import tax rate adjustments. Market believes that the main theme is to maintain or even increase tariffs, almost impossible to cut. The demands of the industry is to impose a 155.90% tariff on imported sugar. If so, the price of sugar processing will greatly upside down. As a result, basic cut off imports, the state reserve sugar and starch sugar will occupy the share of processed sugar. The announcement seems favorable prices, but the author believes that the current sugar boost and little. First, the Ministry of Commerce survey by the Guangxi Sugar Association submission. Guangxi Sugar Association industry does not represent the interests of all parties, such as the processing of sugar. At present, the scale of processing processing mill in more than 10 million tons, once greatly increase the tariff, does not exclude the possibility of bankruptcy of large area processing factory. Therefore, to raise tariffs, facing great pressure. Second, under the premise of not adjusting tariffs, imports with additional profits has been a substantial loss, import enthusiasm is very low, even if the tariff increase, imports will not be much less. Overall, the Ministry of Commerce of the announcement is more affected market sentiment, and there is no substantial positive on the price of sugar. Guangxi local sugar reserves into variables in September 30th, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance decided in late October on the first batch of national reserves of sugar, the number of 350 thousand tons, the auction price of 6000 yuan tons. The national sugar reserve put through the electronic network system China merchandise reserve management center public auctions, auction target unit of 300 tons. From the beginning of the end of the country will be stored sugar warehouse. At the turn of the old and new crop, the market supply is not the case of a small amount of cast storage, impact on the price of sugar is not large. 350 thousand tons of sugar, not too much, not too small, such data is expected. But it is worth noting that this is only 350 thousand tons of sugar reserves, as well as the local reserves of 500 thousand tons of Guangxi did not mention. The remaining variable is 500 thousand tons of local reserves in Guangxi. If the 500 thousand tons of sugar reserves in Guangxi is also the same period of time, that is Ori Sora. 350 thousand tons is only a beginning, with the cast storage, price pressure will be more and more. Will gradually increase the volume of the market since September mainly driven by insufficient supply. First, the state of Chu相关的主题文章: