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Farm reporter Chen Haifeng Intern Liu Mengke Ventura Shangqiu newspaper Zhecheng county Zhang Qiao Xiang Da Wei Village Zhecheng villagers raise the peacock peacock king said more than 1000 build up the family fortunes "peacock king" where he Xiaogang Xiaogang breeding nearly 2000 blue peacock, not only become the village scene, so called "build up the family fortunes, peacock king". Today, he registered the peacock breeding professional cooperatives, ready to bring the villagers together to become rich. Recently, the reporter came to the farm where Xiaogang, saw hundreds of blue peacock. He Xiaogang said, his wife also specialized in the production of specimens, "many companies call to order, but at least 3 years or more peacock to make specimens, we are limited, not a large number of orders."." It is understood that he Xiaogang 53 years old, laying hens breeding for twenty or thirty years, 5 years ago, he started to breed blue peacock. "Raising peacocks is much easier than raising chickens. After two years of farming, the results are good and the income is good. So I bought some, and now I have raised more than 1800, of which more than 400 are just peacocks." He Xiaogang said. Blue peacock is a treasure, not only can watch, but also sell peacock eggs, peacock specimens and so on. What Xiaogang culture of peacock seedling was sold to Wuhan, Guangzhou and other places, many villagers called him "the peacock king". He Xiaogang told reporters, breeding blue peacock is an unpopular, many people do not understand and dare not raise. Some people think that eating Blue Peacock illegal, in fact, the domestic blue peacock can be sold and eaten. Reporters learned from the Shangqiu Forestry Bureau, the Green Peacock belongs to the national level protection of animals, is strictly prohibited to kill; blue peacock is rare, semi grass diet, non protected animals, can be raised to eat. What Xiaogang farms have got the business license and the wild animal domestication and breeding license, this year, he also incorporated the peacock farming cooperatives, ready to drive near the village common breeding peacocks, provide technical and epidemic prevention all in one service for the villagers.

柘城村民养孔雀千余只发家致富 人称孔雀王 “孔雀王”何效刚的养殖场   记者 陈海峰 实习生 刘梦珂 文图   本报商丘讯 柘城县张桥乡大魏村村民何效刚养殖了近2000只蓝孔雀,不仅成为村中一景,还因此发家致富,被称为“孔雀王”。如今,他注册成立了孔雀养殖专业合作社,准备带动村民一起致富。   近日,记者来到何效刚的养殖场,看到了几百只蓝孔雀。何效刚说,妻子还专门学了制作标本,“很多公司打电话来订,但是至少3年以上的孔雀才能制成标本,我们规模有限没法大量接单。”   据了解,何效刚53岁,养殖蛋鸡已有二三十年,5年前,他开始养殖蓝孔雀。“养孔雀比养鸡简单多了,养了两年有了成效,收益不错,所以我又购买了一些,如今已经养了1800余只,其中400余只是种孔雀。”何效刚说。   蓝孔雀浑身是宝,不仅可以观赏,还可以销售孔雀蛋、孔雀标本等等。何效刚培养的孔雀幼苗被销到武汉、广州等地,很多村民称他为“孔雀王”。   何效刚告诉记者,养殖蓝孔雀是个冷门,很多人不懂也不敢养。有人认为食用蓝孔雀违法,其实家养蓝孔雀是可以销售、食用的。   记者从商丘市林业局获悉,绿孔雀属于国家一级保护动物,严禁捕杀;蓝孔雀为珍稀半草食性非保护动物,可以饲养食用。   何效刚的养殖场已经拿到经营许可证和野生动物驯养繁殖许可证,今年,他还注册成立了孔雀养殖合作社,准备带动附近村民共同养殖孔雀,为村民提供技术、防疫等一条龙服务。相关的主题文章: