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Sun Yueying: what is OPEC? Why crude oil all the way down? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Recently, a lot of friends find me, ask me how the market analysis, how to see, or encountered difficulties. I also helped a lot of investment friends, but I have a principle, teach him to fish and teach him to fish, personally think that investment friends improve their ability in the process of investment, with their own knowledge to analysis and operation, and happiness within love this investment, rather than fear. Fear is because there is no strength without judgment. I respect those who have to learn slowly in the common people with technical indicators in the process (average, MACD, KDJ, support and resistance etc.) combined with the fundamentals of the market trend and specific operating point, and gradually improve the comprehensive analysis ability, and exercise their mentality. Slowly grow up step by step, after all, investment is a long-term process. Since September the market fluctuations in the hundreds of millions of a raging like a storm, every day, yesterday opened Monday in Europe during crude bitumen walking more than 300 points, corresponding to the abnormal market fluctuations is considerable, there is considerable abnormal returns, Yue Ying WeChat * * said, there is no need to question people’s ability to make money in this market, since a lot of people earn money to make money if you don’t have to consider the reason, is not a reasonable set of analysts not or stop loss and profit or what other factors. What is OPEC? There will be OPEC’s frozen production agreement, OPEC is what? OPEC is an informal alliance of oil producers, led by Saudi Arabia, like a few business partners to control the price of goods or the impact of commodity prices and so on, and the frozen production agreement? Freeze production agreement as the name suggests, is to stop production to a certain level, not the production of frozen production means, for example, originally the Saudi daily production of 1000W barrels, now frozen after production reached if the maximum production control in 1000W barrels, in order to control oil prices to rising demand, Saudi oil prices down 14 years the United States has begun at present, the strategy has achieved this time urgent need to Saudi oil prices back above $60 to seek greater profits, but the price has not affected by a Saudi control, the biggest enemy is not on the outside, but inside, with Saudi Iran completely strained, the September OPEC informal meeting has made it clear that he will not participate in Iran Iran, the same as the crude oil producing countries but in the market share of less than 110 in the state of Saudi Arabia, long-standing contradiction so expect to join a good There is no possibility to talk about the possibility of Saudi Arabia is more likely to cut the market share to Iran, since this contradiction can not solve this month, oil prices will continue to go down. Although the short term oil prices continue bearish, but we do not ignore the point, that is the market demand for crude oil, the market is generally optimistic about the 18 years -20 years the demand for crude oil prices rebounded to above $60 on it相关的主题文章: