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Yunnan Yanshan 36 cadres recalled: late buck passing Xinhua Kunming February 28th new media news (reporter Ji Zhepeng) "the county’s science and Education Commission Director Zhang Xun, male, esch Committee, recalled the reasons for violation of provisions of cadres online learning, for 2 consecutive years by the county development and Reform Bureau; Ma Jia Qiao, male. Deputy director, recall the reasons for violation of work discipline, work late……" This is the release of Yanshan County in Yunnan Province, before the first batch of cadres recalled incapable management officer. The 27 reporters from Yanshan County cadres recall management work leading group office was informed that, in order to promote the improvement of cadres, "lazy Sanman floating rot", since January 4th this year to start incapable cadres recall management work, through extensive propaganda and mobilization, daily supervision, democratic evaluation, evaluation and other measures, decisions of the county’s 36 incapable of cadres "retraining". It is understood that, in the first batch of recall management of 36 incompetent incumbent cadres, section level cadres 5, general cadres 31 people. Among them, due to violation of work discipline, the discipline inspection and supervision department criticized the recall of 15 people, due to violation of unit discipline regulations, to work late, leave early, do not leave 10 people according to the provisions of the recall, due to the performance of duties is not in place to recall 2 people. In addition, there are cadres for violation of work discipline, in violation of the provisions of cadres online learning by the discipline inspection and supervision departments of Party discipline, buck passing recalled. In accordance with the relevant provisions of Yanshan County Office will be the first 36 recall incapable cadres 3 days of concentrated training. The education and training of closed military management, key aspects of teaching training and test on the ideals and beliefs, sense of purpose, discipline and style, the ability to perform their duties, including military training courses, "Chinese self-discipline standards", "the Communist Party of the Communist Party of China disciplinary regulations", "people’s Republic of China Civil Law", "institution staff punishment Interim Provisions", occupation moral construction and the prevention of job-related crimes. It is reported that at the end of training, Yanshan County Office will also recall recall according to circumstances, targeted to recall people tracking study and processing work, and effectively guide the cadres were recalled to solve the master switch problem. Editor in chief: Chen Wei, SN225

云南砚山36名干部被召回:迟到早退推诿扯皮   新华社昆明2月28日新媒体专电(记者吉哲鹏)“县人大科教文卫委张勋,男,教科文卫工作委员会主任,召回理由为违反干部在线学习规定,连续2年未通过;县发改局马家桥,男,副局长,召回理由为违反工作纪律,上班迟到……”   这是日前云南省砚山县发布的第一批不胜任现职干部召回管理人员公告。记者27日从砚山县委干部召回管理工作领导小组办公室获悉,为推进干部能上能下,整治“慵懒散慢浮腐”等问题,自今年1月4日启动不胜任现职干部召回管理工作以来,经广泛宣传动员、日常监督、民主测评、组织评价等措施,决定对全县36名不胜任现职干部“回炉再造”。   据了解,在第一批召回管理的36名不胜任现职干部中,科级干部5人,一般干部31人。其中,因违反工作纪律被纪检监察部门通报批评召回15人,因违反单位纪律规定,上班迟到、早退、不按规定请假召回10人,因履行工作职责不到位召回2人。此外,还有干部因违反工作纪律、违反干部在线学习规定、受到纪检监察部门党政纪处分、工作推诿扯皮等被召回。   按照相关规定,砚山县委召回办首先将对36名不胜任现职干部进行3天的集中教育培训。教育培训实行封闭式军事化管理,重点围绕理想信念、宗旨意识、纪律作风、履职能力四个方面进行授课培训和测试考核,课程包括军训、《中国共产党廉洁自律准则》、《中国共产党纪律处分条例》、《中华人民共和国公务员法》、《事业单位工作人员处分暂行规定》、职业道德建设和预防职务犯罪等。   据悉,在教育培训结束,砚山县委召回办还将根据召回情形,有针对性对被召回人进行跟踪考察和组织处理等工作,切实引导被召回干部解决好“总开关”问题。 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章: