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Yangzhou police play online breaking major hacking gang of 5 members arrested rest time to Internet cafes to play online games, Yangzhou City Hanjiang Public Security Bureau police Zhang Jiafu unexpectedly found a cyber crime clues, and colleagues then Shuntengmogua, seized a network of criminal gangs. Modern Express reporter learned that the gang stole a total of 148 thousand and 900 kinds of game account, and the account will be stolen for sale, profit of about 500000. Currently, 5 members of the gang have been approved for arrest. Modern Express reporter Zang Xiaosong ZAKER Nanjing police found "network game thief" a few months ago a rest day, Zhang foyo friends go to Internet cafes to play online games, just sit down soon heard the people shouted: "I am two thousand yuan game props disappeared." Zhang Jiafu career sensitive told him that this is likely to have a suspected theft or illegal access to computer system data criminal gangs. After investigation, a police officer found stolen equipment are all on grant terms to the game player "contentment". Then, he disguised himself as a nouveau riche game player friends, add "contentment" for friends of the game in the name to buy equipment, and to the other said that he had a friend wants to buy a game equipment limited. Then, "contentment" price 3000 yuan, with a bank account. Zhang, however, to the larger amount of money on the grounds of the face to face transaction requirements. Unexpectedly, "contentment" in Yangzhou, and the choice of trading place is an Internet cafe in Hanjiang District. After the trial, "contentment" surnamed Chen, 28 years old this year, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, is a technician in mechanical processing enterprises. Police found that just over a month, Chen by stealing game equipment illegal income up to about 400000. 5 members of hacking gangs were arrested according to Chen explained that he did not directly steal someone else’s account, all of the game account from the users’ ". The investigators found that investigation, "nonsense" Chongqing, surnamed Zhong, 31 years old this year, but I have to leave Chongqing to vietnam. In the course of the tracking, investigators found that before the departure of a ticket to Vietnam to return to Kunming ticket. In this way, a clock in Kunming soon arrested airport. According to an account of the clock, the other members of the gang have all been arrested. The police investigation found that the hacking Gang through the Trojan program into advertising, through each big BBS management personnel, will be advertising in various forums, as long as the game player into the forum and click on the link will be implanted into the Trojan virus, the computer game player, as long as the game player to open the game client to enter the account password then the game account password will be sent to the Trojan interception, a clock of the server. Identified by the police, since February of last year, together with Wang Zhong by the above method a total of 148 thousand and 900 game account theft, and will steal the account sale, profit about 500000. Recently, Hanjiang District procuratorate after examination that, Zhongmou 5 human behavior have been suspected of the crime of illegal access to computer information system data, and the circumstances are especially serious, according to the law made the decision to approve the arrest of 5 people.相关的主题文章: