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Xue Huiqing: Internet banking began to return to the essence of   –IT–; people.com.cn original title: a financial CEO Xue Huiqing: Internet banking began to return to the essence of "I believe, after regulators strict new regulations, Internet banking can be a long-term development in the specification space in Chinese." A financial CEO Xue Huiqing said, in the throes of going after the earthquake, the Internet financial China began to gradually return to nature. In the field of Internet banking, to judge whether a platform is good or bad, the general standard is what? In Xue Huiqing’s view, to see the platform of asset recovery rate of overdue and bad debt rate low, therefore, some small platform and platform for non-compliance with "zero overdue" or "zero default rate" as a gimmick, with no real data to deceive investors. Investors how to practice to choose a piercing eye, good platform, to study the essence of this platform, look at this platform to take what is real and effective measures to control whether really do asset management of safety and wind, rather than on the surface of the platform of digital superstition. A financial operation has achieved the platform borrower project late zero, zero bad results. "A financial is how these achievements, mainly because of a financial control has invested a lot of cost and manpower in the wind, a total of 5 risk control measures, especially high-quality real estate mortgage assets as the target, to achieve zero overdue platform." Xue Huiqing believes that at the same time, from the asset partners, in the past few years of rapid development remain impressive zero bad records, third party hosting funds, risk control technology, risk control team strong control, strict screening system is not a wind, financial risk secret. In the outside world, all in the beginning of the creation of financial industry to seize the pain point. Asset security issues, only to solve this problem, the platform can have a real way out." Xue Huiqing said that under the premise of this thought, a proposed "financial asset security, is really safe" concept, focus on safety and risk control platform for assets management. Xue Huiqing believes that, first of all, the king of assets, asset security is the last word. As we all know, in the physical assets of the loan platform in the form of the most important in the form of real estate and car assets, and then consider the subject of security and credit lending. A basic financial quality first and second tier coastal city real estate as mortgage debt subject, mortgage rate of 6 as the following, comprehensive borrowing amount only 50 percent off of the market price, liquidity strong, because of high quality real estate collateral can be easily realized and used to pay the auction. With the deep North of Guangzhou real estate prices first and second tier coastal city is relatively stable, at least there is a big problem in the short term will not be so, for investors, real estate mortgage investment targets, to a certain extent make investment capital more secure. At the same time, the maximum amount of personal mortgage loans to avoid the borrower’s moral hazard, because the loan behavior is directly related to their own property gains and losses. In addition, if the borrower defaults, the disposal of real estate is much higher than the cash payment, credit loans for investor protection far)相关的主题文章: