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Xu Xiake traveled more than half of China, how much to eat overlord meal? Sohu – tourism autumn wind up, eleven is approaching, this is a year for us to wash the last chance tired. When it comes to scrubbing fatigue, it must be a tour. When it comes to tourism to China ancient tourism industry’s "eternal legend", a benchmark figure — a "Oriental tourist" said Xu Xiake. The world is so big, I want to see. Xu Xiake grew up on the dream we walk, to see the prosperous world. So he began to wander the world until the age of more than and 50 is still on the road from the age of 19. Xu Xiake went through several decades, a Chinese mountains and according to the knowledge of the mountains and rivers, writing a 60 words geographical masterpiece "Xu Xiake travels", recorded throughout the humanities, geography, animal and plant information. The journey to the cow X, which is related to tropical karst records than the German traveler Jung · on Java "Qianshan" terrain description huorns 200 years earlier. According to records, Xu greatly only in the "Xu Xiake travel" in the record of the trip reached more than 50 thousand kilometers, converted into WeChat steps, every day at least fifty thousand step, a screen like pa! As the tourism industry superstar, Xu Dada travel time will maintain a certain level, each traveling standard is 2-3 they follow, responsible for daily life, otherwise with porters, responsible for heavy work. When he travels to Yunnan Buddhist shrine gyejoksan, even invited a super KOL static smell monk (Nanjing Ying Fu Temple lotus boat master inheritor) as escort, not those thumbs up wanted to ride tour pal than ordinary. A lot of people must think so, Xu Dada will play, there must be a Wang Jianlin or Ma dad. Did not. The money is high – Xu greatly to his grandfather, Xu Yanfang, the family has to die. The sentence should the rich but three generations saying. Unfortunately, when he died at the age of 19, leaving behind him 20 acres of land and an elderly mother. Therefore, Xu greatly not only did not have much money, is simply a poor home?! Silk! A! Pieces! As a result, people can not fall asleep problem arises: Xu greatly forced the case of tourism funds come from? Here we look through his travels. In "journaling", Xu greatly money was robbed, he thought of the way is to carry the rent contract as a cheque, mortgage is now the equivalent of 80 thousand yuan of money, now this "pawn" approach is very avant-garde! In addition to solving the problem of tourism funds, Xu big idea also do a travel card". Xu greatly from friends to get a piece of "Tang Yuping’s horse brand (a military pledge), the horse brand can go ah, Xu Dada not only put it as a voucher in the inn to solve the accommodation problem, can use as a pass, can run in both directions unblockedly. In addition to mortgage loans, with horse brand do "card", he tricks rub swim routine play, and even open mode all the chips, introduced by my friend to get a lot of "letter of introduction", began to raise public travel, catch a "pit"!相关的主题文章: