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"Xiaoxiang one completed assembly   micro science experiment satellite, the first satellite in November on behalf of the Hunan – Hunan Channel – God people.com.cn as the space company Tianyi Research Institute independently developed a number of Xiaoxiang", is about to launch in November. 16:57 on September 29th, with the successful installation of solar panels at the moment, day Instrument Research Institute of Changsha high-tech enterprise independent research and development of the "Xiaoxiang satellite to complete the whole satellite assembly, also marks the launch of the satellite into the stage. A small satellite "Xiaoxiang 1 is a small satellite, satellite system based on cubic 6U structure, 8kg, 23W power control is the UHF link, 16M digital life, six months to a year or so. Changsha Tianyi CTO Ren Vega said: "Changsha Tianyi registered in Hunan, so the" Xiaoxiang 1 ‘satellite from the membership is the first satellite in Hunan province." "Xiaoxiang a satellite assembly, a commemorative day for the satellite Instrument Research Institute, is the first to complete the debut, it weighs 8 kg, which belongs to the micro satellite. According to Tianyi CEO Institute of Yang Feng introduction, "Xiaoxiang satellite will further test in November before the launch will be sent to the Jiuquan satellite launch base from Changsha. Less than a year completed less than a year’s time, Tianyi research institute project team to overcome the difficulties, the successful completion of the project investigation, design and review, satellite thermal function chain, integrated electronic function chain, attitude control function, function of load chain chain each component (Procurement) and the whole satellite test, test, desktop components onboard software testing, satellite assembly, commissioning and launch of satellite integrated debugging work, and in the near future to simulate the whole satellite mechanical test and thermal vacuum test, high temperature test, environment test, the research work of the whole satellite has near the end, will enter the launch in the near future. To provide high precision optical system with stable phase service development of small satellite for customers, increase scientific and experimental verification of the opportunity to shorten the experimental period, provide a good platform for the validation of space science experiments, is Tianyi dream and mission. Looking back on the development of the ten months there are difficulties and difficulties have questioned the debate, but the team members on the difficulties, to overcome a lot of technical problems, did not give up, consistent with scientific research. It is understood that the "Xiaoxiang number one" launch, will provide high precision optical system equipped with the stationary phase, the next generation of Beidou signal enhancement test, software radio system, equipped with a new on-board computer equipped with four services for customers. "Tianyi Research Institute for days and days with" relying on its micro satellite technology and China from Academy of Sciences background, to become the first domestic and global leader in space science and technology experimental verification services. Tianyi Institute will continue to attract top from the domestic and foreign research team and research institutes, to day Instrument Research Institute as the basis, all kinds of micro satellite scientific argumentation, top-level design, system integration test, Science)相关的主题文章: