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Xiaogan man and his wife quarrel pique driving staged "speed zhuihe" altercation at home with his wife, 90 young men in Xiaogan alone in the car hit the bridge Dutch act. Recall the speed jump river the startling scene, local residents still fear. In September 17th 16, Xia Dian police command center received 110: "Xia Dian Zhen Sun Jia He bridge vehicle crashes, injuries, please immediately organized rescue personnel." After receiving the order, the summer shop police quickly contact the town hospital medical staff rushed to the scene of the rescue. The scene of a white car fell from the bridge and turned over the riverbed, the vehicle severely deformed, the driver was squeezed in the car, the vehicle is still leaking oil, the situation is very critical. In the absence of any tools at the scene, the police can only clean the broken window glass by hand, and the presence of the masses to help the masses to help hand over the surface of the vehicle, and the trapped people rescued from the car, sent to the ambulance. After investigation, the Ning of a 24 year old, because of a trivial quarrel with his wife, more emotional, and drive from home onto Highway 304 running to the estuary in the sunjiahe direction, severing the bridge guardrail, fall under the bridge, but fortunately rivers in lower water period. The police to rescue, as of September 20th, the parties in addition to fracture, and life is no big deal. Police remind drivers friends: life is precious, driving need to be cautious. Good driving habits can not only protect their own safety, but also does not endanger the personal safety of others. Studies have shown that driving a car, driving a car when you are depressed, or getting into a "road rage" is more dangerous than driving a cell phone while driving a car accident is 9.8 times more likely to drive a car. The video man drunk to quarrel with his wife angry drove to the police station to surrender jingfangxingju scan code attention [Chu Xiaogan], for more information!相关的主题文章: