Xiamen ushered in 45 typhoon baby storm van into delivery room winlinez

Xiamen ushered in the 45 "typhoon storm baby" typhoon typhoon Baby Baby Van change delivery room 3 September 15, 2016 05, No. 14 typhoon "Meranti" landing in Xiamen Xiangan. Many years later, many people will forget this is a dangerous situation that roared through the night, but they don’t — they in this life every birthday, must pay tribute to the mother of his birth this night; in this life no matter when they cry again, never received such a gift. The typhoon There was no parallel in history. They have a common name – Typhoon baby. Yesterday, the reporter from the Xiamen Municipal Planning Commission was informed that the disaster relief, from 15 am to 7, 120 Xiamen rushed to the hospital in 25, all 12 people, both mother and child safe; 15 am to 2 pm, the fetal 45, 14 urgent birth. There are a lot of pregnant women in 110, social welfare rescue team and the help of the hospital, gave birth to the baby safe. Quanzhou, 15 am to 7 pm, the PLA Hospital of, Quanzhou children’s hospital were ushered in the 11 newborns. Her delivery room is van time: 15 am 4 multi location: Xiamen SM square near the date is September 29th, Ms. sun, gave birth to a second child in a dangerous situation in advance! Ms. sun began more than 1 in the morning pain, around the family hit about 120, but the ambulance was stagnant water and trees can not get into the block into the district. Ms. Sun family opened their own van to send a doctor, to the armed police detachment on the anchor. Finally, 120 ambulances rushed to the armed police detachment to join them. "We can already see the medical personnel arrived, the baby’s head, and with the storm raging, decided to deliver in the van, clean up the child nose and respiratory tract, about 5 will be the mother and son sent to the nearest Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital." At that time in the ambulance after 90 Cai Shengde introduction.相关的主题文章: