Wuhan, the first shot of the staff of the office of the items including gold and silver jewelry (vid baxia

Wuhan took the first personnel to goods containing gold and silver jewelry and other leading up to Friday, Hubei Chengxin Auction Co. Ltd. exhibition hall will be open to show our city party and government organs staff over the upcoming auction of goods, mainly for paid gifts, securities and payment vouchers and other seven categories, 159. The auction starting price of a total of more than 80 yuan, the morning of November 19th in the public house public auction. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter arrived at the Hankou Taipei Road No. 26 Cheng Building 5 floor, the staff are placed be arranged auction items, the site can be divided into seven categories: painting process; garment bags footwear; silver jewelry; watches, electronic products; commemorative coins and stamps; shopping cards, general securities liquor; etc., most of the items are marked with the starting price. More striking is the wine, red wine, wine and liquor, the reporter saw 6 bottles of wine and 6 bottles of Moutai Wuliangye site, Moutai has 50 years and 15 years, some of the market price of 30 thousand yuan a bottle, a starting price of 9480 yuan per bottle bottle of Wuliangye, a starting price of 3770 yuan. There is a pen on the label is also more compelling, the price is 11800 yuan, the starting price of 4600 yuan. The highest starting price is a Zhou Dafu a thousand gold (100 grams), marking the amount of 34800 yuan, the starting price of 17400 yuan. This auction is the largest shopping card and general securities, a total of 56 groups, each group of 10 thousand yuan, according to the amount of the card 7.8 fold shot. Card Wu group, 100, China business, WAL-MART, New World Department Store Group, light, Carrefour, Chinese purchase, and Sinopec oil card, the hotel voucher and bank cash card. Most of the shopping card is Wu group, accounting for more than 60%. According to reports, the auction time is scheduled at 9 am on November 19th, held in the house of the people on the ground floor of the auction house, the scene does not show the kind of 4. Hubei integrity Auction Co., Ltd. will be 14 to 18 on the morning of every day from 9 am to 5 pm in the building on the second floor of the display of these goods in 5. Interested persons to the scene to pay 5000 yuan after the bid bond, for bids registration. According to reports, the company for all the amount of shopping cards and merchants were confirmed, calligraphy and painting techniques also invited experts to conduct a preliminary identification. The wine was sealed, unable to determine the internal state, unable to verify the authenticity and shelf life, participate in wine subject auction bidders is unit and individual liquor wholesale and retail liquor, once sold, do not accept returns. Recommended news: 2015 best hospital Chinese ranking in Tongji Union into the top 20 again to rain! Hubei will spend a week to bid farewell to the sunny day unexpected trouble! The courier backed into a drunken man was anxious to beat the crap out of the street take 30 thousand people! The three day Wuhan has three large-scale recruitment of Ginkgo biloba in these areas have been gradually yellow Hubei Meicheng Wonderland (Photos) in rural Hubei is what level of the full moon banquet dishes in Chinese ah! Wei Pengyuan, former deputy director of the National Energy Board Secretary coal verdicts bribery 210 million yuan for taking bribes and sentenced to death with reprieve concern Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan below two.相关的主题文章: