Wu Wangxin gold will not break before the 1320 crude oil EIA doat

Wu Wangxin: Gold ahead of the scheduled 1320 crude oil EIA will not break the strong Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Foreign exchange: the United States and Japan around 102.70 gap, short-term still remain strong, 103 to look at fiercely as a tiger does stand on the 103 mark, is expected to go to the 103.30-50 area for resistance, the United States yesterday arrived in the 102.10 disc suggest only the profit range, technically still bargain. The pound, yesterday suggested after a short way down more than 100 points, today 16:30 UK August unemployment rate, UK August jobless claims, the July ILO unemployment rate in the three months, then the impact on the pound. Gold: Gold rebounded Tuesday morning desire, stranded in the 1332 position, then follow us to doubt the power of bulls, after yesterday’s comments that "resistance Jiugong Europe tend to decline, as in Europe, the price of gold fell below the disc sideways. According to the United States and Japan before the United States and the shape of the disk, gold bears obvious advantages, so it is recommended that the next 1328 U.S. dollars to see the short gold on, Wednesday morning direct profit. On Wednesday, the technology below 1328 remain weak, recommended here for the defense point altitude reference resistance is near 1323, the sharp rally, gold will not easily bottomed out, silver has become weak gold drag, in addition, ETF continuous reduction, overnight and lighten up 4 tons. Therefore, the white plate on Wednesday suggested high short, the United States and the u.s.. Silver: gold and silver short-term bearish, took the opportunity to step back to the weekly level of support. The Fed rate hike in September and then into a disagreement, suspense, Yellen close to the Yellen face to pave the way for the doves. Since September may not raise interest rates, and the probability of interest rate hike, so this week, silver below the little space, pay attention to long-term buying opportunities 18.70-17.70 paper silver, the range of the long-term layout more than a single, only for the paper silver. In addition, the world’s largest silver ETF–iShares Silver Trust holdings increased 41.34 tons over the previous day, the current position of $11272.98 tons. Crude oil: technically, Tuesday to close at the daily line, on Friday Monday cross Yin, Yang Xing, Tuesday bardo fall, K-line combination of air gun form, Wednesday EIA data in the data before the crude oil is expected to always be short of repression, unless otherwise bullish data, technology will only go short, the daily air gun on Wednesday, and multi gun contrast. Exactly, the stock market is also very weak, EIA is also in the monthly oil prices down, no more reason. Recalling yesterday’s crude oil news, the International Energy Agency released a report on Tuesday, 2016 global crude oil demand fell 100 thousand barrels a day, the global crude oil demand in 2017 will be lowered by 200 thousand barrels a day. The report also said that in the third quarter, the global demand for crude oil fell to an increase of 800 thousand barrels a day, compared with the same period last year to reduce the barrel of 1 million 500 thousand days. In addition, API crude oil inventories increased less than expected, to 9 in September相关的主题文章: