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Wu Jing PK Zhang Hanyu? Chinese film in debris flow — Liaoning Channel – tough people.com.cn original title: Wu Jing PK Zhang Hanyu? Chinese film in a tough < p  style=" debris flow; text-indent:  2em; " > 2016 of the national archives, a tough guy movie "Mekong action", from the mouth to the box office, all kinds of small meat + beat large specific combinations, invincible "Yan value is justice, and acting in front of the guy down a big somersault. < p> < p  align=" center" > < img  alt=" "   src=" mediafile 13514188758777387563.jpg"   PIC 2016100831; > < p> < p  align=" center" class=" pictext" nbsp; > < strong> Zhang Hanyu behind the success. That is the market for China hero blitz < strong> < p> < p  style=" text-indent:  2em; " > speed shooting unarmed Hyde, neither magic nor sensational "action" in the Mekong River, Zhang Hanyu played a transnational narcotics police arresting task execution depending on the type, Chinese Toughguy image and got successful powder, everyone is not restricted. < p> < p  style=" text-indent:  2em; " > Zhang Hanyu, covered the written word in tough, energy-saving "assembly", Zhang Hanyu served as the first actor, a record 260 million box office records, the "tiger" "Yang Zirong" in a corner bold and crafty, played live like a hero. "Yang Zirong is more powerful than 007", the new fashion of the red classics, won the hearts of young viewers. Three other children "stuffy old gun" muscle in more people feel "strong". < p> < p  style=" text-indent:  2em; " > "the Mekong River action" since the release, the box office, word of mouth, and row piece attendance rate continued to rise, in October 4th fifth days, "the film’s counter attack has become the single day box office champion. As of the evening of October 5th, the film has won 400 million box office. Fans film brilliant difficult to convey positive energy business theme相关的主题文章: