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World Cup reminder: prediction and analysis of the last 10 games in France scored 2 goals in 7 games at least [European] the primary football: French vs Bulgaria start time: analysis of 2016-10-08 02:45 hunting ball: FUN88 1.12 8 16 FUN88: first for the instant: 1.13 6.40 27 France? Method in China ranked eighth in the world, and in the European division is ranked fourth, is the 2018 World Cup qualifying group A team in history in 1998 led by Zidane won the world cup champion. ? this summer as the host of the French team in the European Cup stunning performance, all the way through even grams of rival, but to the key in the final overtime defeat C Ronaldo led Portugal to Henry? Delaunay cup at home, but the overall performance of the French team is also won recognition, including the payer the study of metformin and other players also won plaudits. The world’s first pre? The French team away to Belarus, began to lay out a direct rival metal matrix in the game, the French team took control of the midfield was very much a shot, the game of the door 24 times, 9 shots on goal, but under numerous waste the opportunity, the French team can only accept the road to 0-0 draw. ? in the game was pinned bogeba failed to play its performance, if the first half and long-range opportunities, then the second half almost disappeared in the crowd, even seventy-third minutes wasted a great break, but fortunately it is still young and still have enough time to make adjustments. ? the latest French squad, Real Madrid striker Benzema still missed the other selected, most are familiar smell detailed famous players, including the Atletico Madrid striker Gameiro and Gregory Marshall and Pogba Saltzman, Manchester United, and the biggest surprise is the Bilbao athletics in Wei rappolt is selected for the first time. This game? The French team will be in the home court, because the two teams there is a big gap in the strength, coupled with the French play qualifiers failed to take all 3 points, back to the home court of France must firepower, hope to win the opponent in the home court. Bulgaria? Bulgaria currently ranked seventy-fourth in the world, while in Europe Division is ranked thirty-fourth, the Bulgarian team and the French team belong to the A group, the same group of other teams as well as the Belarus team and Holland team, Luxemburg and the Swedish team. ? the European pre group phase the first Bulgarian home court against Luxemburg, Rangelov in the first half, the primary goal to help the team the lead, then hit the opponent and tenacious counterattack in stoppage time was forced to tie the score, but the key moment from Luxemburg Tonev to come forward, break the door, finally to 4-3 win over rivals in bulgaria. Bulgaria? This time to participate in World Cup have great changes, new entrants into the national team players up to 7, but the top scorer, effectiveness of Spartak Moscow avery even Popov is still subject to reuse, will serve as a crucial task in the Serie A Palermo midfielder Chochev is the other)相关的主题文章: