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Sports-and-Recreation In the late 70’s and the early 80’s women’s golf apparel seemed to be boring. It was all about covering skin and lady professional golfers wore long baggy pants, long sleeves and seemed to cover up their arms and legs. It was nothing worth remembering and perhaps there was little emphasis on fashion for women’s golf apparel. Thanks to the new sports super brands like Adidas and Nike, today women’s golf apparel is not just sexy, it is downright functional. Though we will not see professional golfers immodestly dressed in sports bras and tights, their apparel these days show the contour of the women. They are also made of fabric that is scientifically researched to dissipate sweat and making the apparel lighter and even aerodynamic as well. I think that because there are more lady golfers these days than there was twenty years ago, and that a lot of professional lady golfers are from different parts of the world, women’s golf apparel have begun to look trendier. There are vibrant colors, elegant .binations and blends, some of which are fitted to the player who endorses the brand. We have to thank the likes of Annika Soremsten, Lorena Ochoa, Michelle Wie, and Grace Park who have contributed to the appeal of women’s professional golf. They have in their own ways made golf hip and cool. Some golfers like Annika and Lorena have be.e endorsers for Rolex, raising the stature of ladies golf to almost a legendary status. No doubt, the role of television has been beneficial to women’s golf apparel as extended television coverage of golf tournaments enabled endorsers to lengthily show their apparel to a bigger audience. Technology advancements in golf clubs especially drivers have made lady golfers almost as powerful as the men and in .parison, the changes of women’s golf apparel has been more noticeable than that of men’s golf apparel, which seem to be stuck in their own traditions and ways. These days, with the Internet, people who wish to dress like Michelle or Grace can easily find their apparel online. There are specific websites dedicated to just to women’s golf apparel. These websites even offer wholesale prices on so many items and have on stock hard to find yet fashionable branded ladies golf apparel from the likes of Ralph Lauren and other designers. With the big fashion names .ing into the women’s golf apparel business, there is no way but up for the consumers when it .es to choices for their golf dates. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: