Women forget to check out more than 40 fibroids from the womb after they have finished their baby 月丘うさぎ

The woman gave birth to the child to forget to check remove the more than 40 myoma of the 32 year old Ms. Zhang from the womb, 6 years ago the first cesarean section and do myomectomy. Recently, want to give birth to her, suddenly found that the recurrence of fibroids have been filled with the uterus. In order to preserve fertility, doctors removed more than 40 fibroids from her womb. Ms. Zhang is Dongyang people, 6 years ago the first born, she asked the doctor in the cesarean section, together with the excavation of myoma of uterus. But, like most women who had undergone myomectomy, Ms. Zhang forgot to review them after the operation. This year, Ms. Zhang husband and wife together to regenerate one. Unexpectedly, recently in the pre pregnancy examination, B ultrasound results, so that doctors and themselves have been frightened. In the image, her uterus was covered with large, small, dense hypoechoic fibroids. In order to give birth to a second child, in order to keep the uterus, Ms. Zhang chose surgery. The operation was not as simple as expected. After opening the pelvic cavity, we found that the serosa, muscular layer, mucosal layer and broad ligament area of the anterior and posterior wall of the uterus were all covered with myoma of various sizes." The director of the Department of gynaecology of Dongyang hospital for women and children, chief physician Ge Xiaoying said, "when the abdomen was opened, I was shocked." In the two hours of surgery, Ge Xiaoying director team to retain fertility as the principle, Ms. Zhang’s uterine fibroids were excavated one by one, and the uterus and the fallopian tube on both sides were repaired. After surgery, the number of people, dig out the fibroids have more than 40, of which the largest diameter of 7cm, equivalent to the size of sweet potatoes, small flowers, such as the size of the size of the myoma is countless. Because of the scar on the uterus, Ge Xiaoying Director suggested that Ms. Zhang, a year later to evaluate the scar healing, if healed well, you can try to pregnancy. The number of patients with uterine fibroids increased, and diet related, director Ge Xiaoying said, uterine fibroids in 30~50 years old women, of whom 40~50 years of age most. The cause of uterine fibroids is estrogen in the fibroids tissue is more, or receptor sensitivity is higher than normal uterine muscle tissue, or long-term estrogen content in the body is too high, leading to uterine wall smooth muscle cell proliferation, excessive growth, forming fibroids. In clinical practice, there is very few fibroids before puberty, fibroids grow up with pregnancy, and shrink with menopause, etc., confirmed that estrogen is the main promoting factor of uterine fibroids growth. In recent years, the increasing number of patients with uterine fibroids, which is mainly related to diet, such as snow clams and other high estrogen foods easily lead to uterine fibroids. "However, patients do not have to panic, uterine fibroids are generally benign tumors, as long as early medical treatment, regular (once a year) physical examination, can be cured." Director Ge Xiaoying said.

女子生完孩子忘记检查 从子宫里取出40多颗肌瘤今年32岁的章女士,6年前头胎剖宫产时同时做了子宫肌瘤剔除术。最近,想再生育的她,意外发现复发的肌瘤已布满子宫。为了保住生育功能,医生从她的子宫里挖出40多颗肌瘤。张女士是东阳人,6年前生头胎,她要求医生在剖宫产时,一并挖除子宫肌瘤。不过,跟大多数进行过子宫肌瘤剔除术的女性一样,手术后,章女士忘了复查。今年章女士夫妻俩合计着再生一个。没想到,最近在做孕前检查时,B超检查的结果,令医生和自己都受到了惊吓。影像中,她的子宫布满了大大小小、密密麻麻的低回声肌瘤声影。为了生育二胎,为了保住子宫,章女士选择开刀。“手术并没有预想的简单,我们打开盆腔后才发现,患者子宫前后壁的浆膜层、肌层、粘膜层、阔韧带区,都布满了大小不等的肌瘤组织。”东阳市妇女儿童医院妇科病区主任葛晓英主任医师说,“打开腹腔的时候,我自己也愣住了。”在两个小时的手术中,葛晓英主任团队以保留生育能力为原则,将章女士的子宫肌瘤一一挖除,并对子宫体和两侧输卵管进行了修复。术后大家数了数,挖出的肌瘤竟然有40多颗,其中最大的直径有7cm,相当于地瓜大小,小如花生米粒大小的肌瘤更是数不胜数。因为子宫上有了疤痕,葛晓英主任建议章女士,一年后评估疤痕愈合情况,如果愈合良好可以尝试怀孕。子宫肌瘤患者增多,和饮食有关葛晓英主任说,子宫肌瘤好发于30~50岁的女性,其中以40~50岁最多见。子宫肌瘤的病因是肌瘤组织中的雌激素受体量多,或是受体的敏感性较正常子宫肌组织高,或是体内长期的雌激素含量过高导致子宫壁平滑肌细胞增生,过度生长形成肌瘤。在临床上青春期前极少发生肌瘤,肌瘤随妊娠长大,随绝经后而缩小等现象证实雌激素是肌瘤生长的主要促进因素。近年来,子宫肌瘤患者日渐增多,这主要是和饮食有关,雪蛤等雌激素较高的食物容易导致产生子宫肌瘤。“不过,患者不必过度惊慌,子宫肌瘤一般是良性肿瘤,只要及早就医,定期(一年一次)体检,便可治愈。”葛晓英主任说。相关的主题文章: