Women for the championship 48kg Xiao Huiying won Tian Yuan Hou Zhihui’s absence-remonstrate

Women for the championship 48KG Xiao Huiying won Tian Yuan Hou Zhihui’s absence from the Xinhua News Agency Xi’an October 13th sports news (reporter Zheng Xin) 2016 National Women’s Weightlifting Championships opened in Weinan Sports Center in Shaanxi province 13 city stadium. In 48 kg and 53 kg class competition, the Hunan team Xiao Huiying and Liao Qiuyun from the masses, the respective project has a total score of the championship, the total score of Xiao Huiying 203 kg high level in conjunction with the Rio Olympic gold medal winner. 48 kg class competition, the national record holder Tian Yuan registration but not participating, and because of injury do not regret the Olympic candidate Zhi Hui will also absent, the match was Fujian’s Zhang Rong and Hunan’s Xiao Huiying’s mouth". From 53 kg transfer to Xiao Huiying behind her Rachel catch up from behind, in the case of 1 kg snatch, clean and jerk in struggling to lift 113 kg barbell, victory over only the first 108 kilograms when the success of Zhang Rong, will be the overall title in my arms. It is worth mentioning that, she lifted 203 kg, the level of the Olympic games than the Olympic champion, Tanasan, also higher than the results of the Thai kilogram of 3 kg. "I’ll give myself 80 points." Get a first win of Xiao Huiying said that the recent weight loss result in decreased strength is also very fast, they are not very fit, or more willing to participate in the 53 kg class competition. "Look at the future, what is the future of the project to communicate with the coach." She said. 53 kg class competition, the Rio Olympic Games accidentally lost the crown of Li Yajun did not participate in the game by Hunan’s overall control of the world’s Liao Qiuyun. The snatch, only she lifted 98 kg barbell; and then the link, with the highest 113 kg open her easy ride, when she lifted 115 kg barbell in second when the outcome has lost suspense. The final Zhaijin Liao Qiuyun for a total score of 213 kilograms. In the youth group held the same day (20 age group) in the game, Guangdong lottery team Chen Yanling and Zhao Xiuyun won the 53 and 58 kg top scores were 207 kg and 219 kg; Zhejiang contestant Mao Qianqian with a total score of 182 kg in the 48 kg class for fasting. The level of the game is the same as the Olympic Games, the country has a total of 34 teams of more than 220 players. (end)相关的主题文章: