Winter Ziyin Runfei appetizing soup, do not look simple but most practical – and Sohu 小坂めぐる

Winter Ziyin Runfei appetizing soup, do not look simple but the most practical Sohu and every winter, although the dry cold and annoying haze, always lingering for at least 3 months, but because of the cold, but also some more time with your family and friends and opportunities, but also often offered shabu. The diet has the fragrance of roasted sweet potato, fried chestnut, and instantly I Tomatoes on sticks to eat a bunch of. I remember last year, flowers released a homemade ice Tomatoes on sticks recipes in the headlines, he received a lot of fans of the resonance. The sweet and sour bamboo string with happiness through Tomatoes on sticks, really sweet. Hawthorn, with blood pressure, lipid, anti-oxidation, enhance immunity, remove gastrointestinal harmful bacteria, but also to prevent liver cancer. Can significantly reduce serum cholesterol and triglyceride, effective prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis; hawthorn can through enhancing myocardial contractility and cardiac output, dilating coronary artery, increase the coronary blood flow, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption play a strong heart and prevention of angina pectoris with. In addition, the total flavonoids in Hawthorn has the function of dilating blood vessels and lasting blood pressure. However, hawthorn acid, also let some friends want to stop, with hawthorn Xiaoshi appetizer, so acid fruits, we have to change a way to eat. This soup Sydney Sydney with hawthorn, hawthorn acid, sweet crisp up. At the same time, with the method of cooking, can make the two kinds of fruits better penetration of nutrients. Sour and sweet and savoury soup, the elderly and children, especially convenient to drink. Come and share it with the flowers. Preparation: Sydney two Hawthorn 300 grams sugar: 40 grams of practice: 1, Sydney is abluent cut, a lot of people’s skin. The flowers, as long as the wash clean, soup, not to pear peel taste better. 2, hawthorn with chopsticks through the middle of the hawthorn seed will poke out, and then wash. 3, put the pot into the amount of water, hawthorn, fire boil, turn fire, cook for 15 minutes, until soft rotten hawthorn. 4, Sydney into the pot, then add sugar, small fire and cook for 10 minutes. If there is a float during the period, use the spoon to skim. 5, cooked soup, do not drink immediately, until warm, or standing 2 hours, this time the soup color will deepen, the taste is more sweet. [flower] senior writer national delicacy original public nutritionist multi platform media columnist since the signing of global contract since the media authority media CCTV, Beijing Rui Crowe TV, Shaanxi TV and other special guests such as delicacy stalls programs to manuscripts or cooperation please add QQ number: 773762696 to Sina or micro-blog. The flowers of the delicacy kitchen oh.相关的主题文章: