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Nutrition Natural products have a market niche. Forever Living Products International ("FLP") sells nutritional supplements and personal care products made from bee pollen and aloe vera. Can’t get more natural than that. The natural products market has respect for FLP. Is FLP worth your serious consideration when starting a new business? Foundation: Rex Maughan, present CEO, founded the .pany in 1978. It is now headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. As recently as 2006, the .pany ranked $340 on the Forbes 400 list. FLP is estimated to have about 4 million distributors in 44 countries. Some of the best known products include Forever Essential and Arctic Sea Super Omega 3. FLP has a quality reputation and is a good example of ethical business in operation. .pensation Plan: A straightforward multi-level plan, first level .missions are generated by direct sales. Direct sales are made through personal contacts or through replicated websites. Creating a downline increased dollars earned. A distristbutor receives overrides on downline sales. Volume bonuses can .e from meeting certain sales volume criteria. Start up membership does not cost anything. There are no annual dues. A new member is instantly wel.ed to FLP presentations. When sales reach $250, .missions start to flow in. FLP is extraordinary in that .missions are calculated based on the retail product price rather than wholesale cost. For example, if retail sales were $286 ( cost $200), the .mission of 5-8% is paid on $286. There are 3 bonus levels. Some network marketers believes FLP should change their .pensation program and that is is not practical given the advent of internet marketing. This is something a new.er should carefully consider. At the peak of the FLP ladder, life time membership can be achieved. When reached, other bonuses arise: home purchase assistance, auto incentives and tuition contribution for education. Training: FLP’s success is based on training. The .pany endorses "FLP University," an online site that is geared to "product knowledge; detailed explanations of the marketing plan and incentives; and step-by-step instructions on the ‘how-to’s’ of network marketing." One on one coaching is emphasized. FLP represents a unique lifestyle approach to business and in life. The fit must be a good one for a new member to feel .fortable and succeed. Given the nature of lifestyle product, many new members believe that personal networking is more effective that online networking. .munity: FLP created the ‘Forever Giving Foundation’ to partner with worldwide charities. The Foundation is renowned for fighting poverty and hunger and offers pediatric medical aid. Disaster aid is part of their work. In Sum: Forever Living is a considerable opportunity. The .pany could very well be living forever in the universe and allowing you to do that as well if you decide to join. Give it serious attention; it is worth it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: