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Why used car dealers need to build a brand – Sohu car is the best of times, this is the worst of times! This sentence is used to describe the current state of the car industry is the most appropriate. The rapid development of the economy China lets the second-hand car industry is also showing at top speed, people meet with the situation, the city of the first king of the flag, you Changba me play, let the industry can not avoid the "drunk flower", lost heart feeling, let more consumers difficult to distinguish good and bad. The whole industry in the second-hand car dealers seem to have no soul, let the interests of the tide around, finally most low tide was drying on the beach. While the "soul" is the "brand"! "Brand" seems to be an old topic, but for the second-hand car dealers are still necessary to talk about. I remember three years ago the second-hand car industry began to "fire", a car dealer in a large shopping mall in Beijing underground rented super million meters site second-hand car, this car has a network background car dealer boss want to hang directly "second-hand car brand" brand, is to tell you I do is "brand" second-hand car. But half a year later, the brand used car show hastily, it also proved that the light is not equal to a name with "brand". Today, what is more, a name list, some of the services, will join, or rental site, or chain, the brand seems to be in the vertical signs, take a good time to become a "bad times". Therefore, we sing the same old song here, say the second-hand car dealer should be how to walk the road of the brand, the core value of the brand second-hand car dealer, spread the brand must have the connotation and extension of brand and brand building and supporting system. Car manufacturers need to establish brand in reality, as a client, whether to sell their vehicles, or to buy second-hand car, are unable to identify these second-hand car dealers can provide what kind of service, in addition to know 4S shop can provide replacement, do not know who can help you quickly put the car sold to the who the price better, who provide good service experience, who sold the car with good quality, whose customer service service in place, they have their business characteristics, what kind of second-hand car, who service for me, who sell second-hand car for me and so on, these customers can not from the current second-hand car dealer in select the answer. For the second-hand car dealer, whether it is still new in order to be different, stand head and shoulders above others, or at work, whether or not the name of the famous, were buried in a "gray" in the sea. There are a lot of "a person of noble aspirations" second-hand car, in order to change the "submerged" destiny, "escape" tangible market of second-hand car, but only the "escape" does not have a substantial change, but the lack of a passenger, make business more bleak, had to continue to change the string Yi Zhang, there are a lot of second-hand car dealer so go to the end. The so-called "brand" is not just a simple name, "brand" should have rich connotation, reflect the core value. Generally speaking, a brand should have the following characteristics, do not have these characteristics, a brand can only be a "signboard"相关的主题文章: