Why do women suffer from endocrine disorders puritans pride

Why do women suffer from endocrine disorders? Each human body has an endocrine system, whose function is to regulate metabolic and physiological functions together with the nervous system. When do you need to adjust? Is our endocrine by the outside interference, then, what behavior will lead to endocrine disorders? It’s mostly about lifestyle. Why endocrine disorders? 1. blind weight loss fruit can never replace the importance of dinner: it does not have the heat and nutrients contained in the meal, mix and match the energy supplement to the body. Too much food can cause too much sugar in the body and lead to endocrine disorders. So, please ensure good eating habits, always there is no substitute for dinner. Why endocrine disorders? 2. mobile phone play before bedtime play electronic products, can inhibit melanin secretion, cause insomnia, this will cause the endocrine disorder. Why endocrine disorders? 3. effects of the external environment with the development of modernization, the environmental pollution has become increasingly serious, disorder of endocrine of women is also understood. Some chemical substances in the air, through a variety of channels into the human body, after a series of chemical reactions, leading to endocrine disorders, women appear menstrual disorders, endometrial hyperplasia and many other problems. Why endocrine disorders? 4. lack of exercise, regular exercise can promote the secretion of female hormones better, improve menstrual disorders, skin yellow, loss of appetite and other symptoms. Why endocrine disorders? 5. blind use of health care products or estrogen, now many women in order to maintain, often take tonic and health care products, not knowing that these health care products may be engulfed in health. The content of estrogen in health care products is difficult to grasp, although some health care products are purified from natural food phytoestrogens, but natural does not mean that you can casually supplement. If women need to fill the estrogen, must go to the hospital to do estrogen level detection, if the examination results show that estrogen levels in the body is low, can be properly supplemented, and must be under the guidance of the doctor. Why endocrine disorders? 6. stay up late, there is a natural circadian rhythm in the body, just like the clock running on time, keep the human body and the outside world synchronized day and night. Our hormones can only increase or decrease as normal hours. And when people do not follow the physiological rules, sleep late, stay up late, it may lead to endocrine disorders. Why endocrine disorders? 7. spiritual reasons, modern life, we all have to bear the pressure from all sides, especially women, the body is not strong men, but to bear the same or even heavier pressure, the spirit is difficult to completely relax. If this state of tension and emotional changes persist, it can not be alleviated, it will reflect the nervous system, causing hormone secretion disorder.

女人为什么会内分泌失调?每个人体内都有内分泌系统,它的功能就是和神经系统一起调节代谢和生理功能。什么时候需要调节呢?是我们内分泌受外界的干扰时,那么,哪些行为会导致内分泌失调呢?主要跟生活习惯有关。为什么会内分泌失调?1. 盲目减肥水果永远无法取代正餐的重要:它不具备正餐所含有的热量和营养混搭给身体带来的能量补充。过多食用还会造成体内积累过多糖分而导致内分泌失调。所以,还请保证良好的用餐习惯,正餐永远没有代替品。为什么会内分泌失调?2. 睡前玩手机睡前玩电子产品,就会抑制黑色素分泌,引起失眠,长此下去还会引起内分泌紊乱。为什么会内分泌失调?3.外界环境的影响随着现代化的发展,随之而来的环境污染也越来越严重,对女性内分泌失调亦是罪责难逃。空气中的一些化学物质,在通过各种渠道进入人体后,经过一系列的化学反应,导致内分泌失调,使女性出现月经失调、子宫内膜增生等诸多问题。过为什么会内分泌失调?4. 缺乏运动经常运动可以促进女性荷尔蒙更好分泌,改善月经失调、肤色暗黄、食欲减退等症状。为什么会内分泌失调?5. 盲用保健品或雌激素现在很多女性为了保养,经常服用补品和保健品,殊不知这些保健品可能正在吞噬着健康。保健品中的雌激素含量很难把握,虽然有些保健品是从天然食品中提纯的植物雌激素,但天然的不等于就可以随便补。若女性需要补雌激素,一定要去医院做雌激素水平检测,如果检查结果显示体内雌激素水平偏低,才能适当补充,且必须要在医生的指导下进行。为什么会内分泌失调?6. 熬夜人体内存在天然的生理节律,如同时钟一样正点运行,保持人体和外界日夜同步。我们的激素也只能在正常的作息时间上才能如常的增减。而当人们不遵循生理规律,晚睡、熬夜,就有可能导致内分泌失调。为什么会内分泌失调?7. 精神原因现代生活中,我们每个人都要承受来自各方面的压力,特别是女性,身体没有男性强壮,却要承担同等甚至更重的压力,精神难以彻底放松。如果这种紧张状态和情绪变化持续存在,不能缓解,会反射到神经系统,造成激素分泌紊乱。相关的主题文章: