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When Yundi Li met the Moon Fairy – Vanity Fair Sohu in New York recently invited international piano superstar Yundi Li attended the 2017 New York fashion week spring to appreciate the new season of the global fashion trends in the fashion week, Yundi Li Obama’s trip but full arrangement. This small series of follow God came to the highly anticipated Dennis Basso show. Not much to say, the old rules, sent the first wave of HD photo: a simple fresh white leisure suit, unique temperament collocation of the gods, the Yundi all star talent shows itself in behavior, exudes elegance and atmosphere. An earnest expression have captured the hearts of everyone ~ after the show and Design Guru Dennis Basso to talk about fashion and music, sharing personal feelings xiuguan. Yundi and Nicky Hilton (Nicky · Hilton and Sarah (Rafferty) photo of Sarah · Rafti), American TV fans should not be unfamiliar. Yundi this shy smile, Xiao Bian said the red heart has been about to control 3 can not live their own! Then talk about the Dennis Basso this American fashion brand, in this season’s design and add a refreshing thing. In the past few seasons, designers have launched a youthful and dynamic dress. With "Ready to Wear" (i.e. buy or wear) boom, the concept of 16 years in autumn and winter the main part of the evening is to show you the show immediately after sales. In the design of this season, designer Basso composed a dreamy moonlight fantasy for us. One graceful models such as the Moon Fairy dressed in a long skirt, walking in the moonlight bathed in the forest. This idea makes the design more sexy. From the elegant fur coat, thin to outline the embroidery lace; from tailoring leather dress to prints and metal fabric perfect mix. Basso has created a sense of the world as if we have a magic, take us into his fantasy hall. Basso said that this season’s clothing although fusion of velvet, feather and other mature elements, but in this design, several fabric mix and have great originality on the tailoring so that they can also be accepted by the young girl. What do you think about this season? Do you have anything to say about Yundt O Ba’s show? Welcome to tell us at the end of the message Oh ~ correction in New York yesterday issued a "Vanity Fair article I’m not watching the show, I was watching Yundi Li" in the two photos below from the guest photographer Zou Han (micro signal: zouhan002). We are not due to negligence in the end to indicate, hereby declare corrections, and said sorry and thanks to the photographer. (statement: This article for the original New York Vanity Fair相关的主题文章: