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Business Most people do not realize the total import costs that they will be liable for when they start an import business. They use one of the friendly calculators off the internet and come to a figure on which they base their business forecast. The truth is that while that figure may often be true, it is often not true as well. This article talks about some of the many variables that could impact your import cost calculations. Shipping Costs: Until you start shipping, you dont really know what your sipping costs can add up to or what your supplier will pass on to you. Import duty is applied on the cost of goods including the shipping costs; so this can take up your calculation more than you expected. Category of Goods: While you may take the utmost care in finding out what category of goods and therefore, what tariff applies to you, customs staff can see things differently. Whats more, if you package does get opened, it can also mean an additional handling charge. Approval/testing documentation: Not every product requires some sort of certificate or approval but many do. These can cost money both in actual testing fees as well as time taken to get the necessary approvals in place. Anti-dumping levy: You have to be very careful when bringing in cheap commodities from places like China since they are often liable for some kind of anti dumping duty if the authorities feel that they are artificially priced lower than they should be. Language issues: Many importers make the mistake of not understanding what their suppliers agree to in terms of cost liabilities due to culture, nuance and plain language differences. By the time they find out, it is too late to back out but their financial plans have already gone awry. Customs delay: Last but not the least, the customs part of the race is always a bit of a gamble. Why parcels get opened, why they take longer than others, why some dont ever make it out of customs are questions that nobody has a satisfactory answer to. These delays or worse, non receipt, can also add to your woes. Apart from this, quality issues are also a key reason why many imports turn out more expensive than you bargained for. There is very serious quality, paint and other tests that items have to pass to be admitted into a country. Counterfeit spotting procedures can be another hurdle that you may have to cross if you are bringing in unbranded commodities. It is not probable or even possible that you will encounter all these problems at once but it is best to be prepared for at least some and keep some buffer in your plans. The important thing to understand is that when you import a product, you are dealing with not just two countries but two very different set of laws, cultures and business methods. There is always room for error. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: