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"What the death of Li Xiaonan sparrow" in the novel   the drama inside the end — Henan branch network — people.com.cn in the TV series "sparrow", played by Kan Qingzi Li Xiaonan is a Chinese female agents, the final outcome is traitor Jiangsu provinces as can be imagined, but Li Xiaonan died at the trial and what is the specific death!? here is the torture of Li Xiaonan novels describing the details of the exposure with a look. "Sparrow" in addition to agent Chen deep, Li Xiaonan’s identity is actually a secret agent. Li Xiaonan in the play not only deep and Chen has an enviable Xiongmeizhiqing, is with the villain Jiangsu provinces important opponent scenes. Li Xiaonan seemingly careless, inattentive and outspoken. But Xu Bicheng and on the contrary, this seemingly fresh girl actually careful, is an excellent quality of the female agents, Chen deep on-line doctor". Her cover is the three acting actress in the film studio. Li Xiaonan is usually an enthusiastic and lively girl, but her mind is very delicate, and as usual to speak without masking what things are so careless, "sparrow" Li Xiaonan and Xu "is not the same as the actual. Li Xiaonan as an excellent quality of Chinese female agents, in the implementation of the task has an indispensable position. (Yang Tianzi, commissioning editor Ding Xiaofang) original title: "what the death of Li Xiaonan sparrow" in the novel drama inside the end he had to admit that he is Li Xiaonan’s love, but love can not accept betrayal Jiangsu provinces. The death of Li Xiaonan the answer is self-evident, she is killed three Su Province, according to the novel was portrayed in the three Su province court, will dry towel into Li Xiaonan’s stomach, and the stomach acid towel until Li Xiaonan fusion in pull out, so you get stomach intelligence. The torture of Li Xiaonan novels describing the details of exposure!! Li Xiaonan extremely cruel death!! In the three provinces of Heilongjiang Province, with a face, he stared at the woman he had been pursuing for a long time. Later, he let a secret agent to find a dry towel, he said, put a dry towel into Li Xiaonan’s mouth, so that the towel into the esophagus and stomach, wait until the stomach acid after the fusion of the towel to pull out, it is said to be able to pull out the stomach. If the stomach is pulled out, those newspapers must not be digested, and all the information is likely to be robbed him. Even if you can’t get back, it’s not a big deal for the Communists who have this kind of bone harder than iron. Bi Zhongliang Chen deep eye said method Su captain, how do you see? Chen deep stare at Su three province yaozhaoya said, "you have the siqibailai to pursue her, I really want to kill you. (Yang Tianzi, commissioning editor Ding Xiaofang)相关的主题文章: