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What do you do in autumn dry skin?   may be a bath dew to blame – Shanghai Channel – People’s original title: Autumn wipe dry what? May be a shower to blame the Mid Autumn Festival has passed, autumn is getting stronger. Hospital Department of Dermatology business began to get better, itchy skin, allergies, dry…… Endless problems, the beauty of the old face of the big oil overnight dry". Many people reflect that, I obviously use a moisturizing lotion, why the dry skin can not be alleviated?" The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University dermatologist Cao Guangling believes that the skin do not just "superficial", to "Neiwaijianxiu", even "superficial" should pay attention to from the clean, replenishment, repair, moisturizing, sunscreen and other aspects, can let the skin retain moisture. The air humidity decreased, the moisture on the surface of the skin to reduce, reduce sebum secretion, make the skin becomes dry, skin barrier function decline, prone to chapped, peeling, itching, wrinkles increase, sensitive skin redness, especially among pregnant women." Cao Guangling introduction, to prevent dry skin, facial cleanser dry skin should choose a mild moisturizing effect of strong non foam cleanser, in addition, when cleaning, but also pay attention to water temperature. Autumn is best to wash your face with 20 degrees warm water, hot water temperature will take away the natural oil on the skin, so that the skin becomes dry. Some of the mothers in order to sweat the pursuit of a sense of refreshing, the use of a strong cleaning shower gel, after the bath found dry skin itching, and tingling. This is mainly because the strong alkaline shower gel will have a protective effect on the skin of the oil wash, resulting in decreased skin water storage function, increased water loss, causing dry itching. Lubicating pregnant women skin care expert sun Mark said: Autumn shower in addition to pay attention to water temperature and other factors, also should be careful to choose the shower gel, pregnant women can choose special natural gentle shampoo, avoid the use of too strong cleaning lotion; after bath, body milk daub moistens, keep skin moist feeling. In addition, because of abdominal bulge, stretching the skin, but also prone to itching, long pregnancy etc., olive oil has a moisturizing skin, enhance skin elasticity effect, can effectively prevent the dry itchy belly, mothers can be used. In addition, lubicating pregnant women skin care experts remind autumn sun standard, should pay attention to eat Vegetable & Fruit foods, essential vitamin supplement. Edible vegetables, apples, pears, bananas, grapes, tremella. Eat nuts can also help to keep your skin moist, rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, protein, linoleic acid and other substances with nuts, moisturizes the skin, iron, zinc and copper in nuts can make the skin more smooth and elastic. Almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashew nuts are a good choice. (reporter Li?) (Yan, Zhao Xuan far commissioning editor: strong)相关的主题文章: