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Finance There are many ways one can opt for a money transfer. Traditional methods of transferring money would include wire transfer or even using a bank account. But with todays progression in technology and economy, you can now opt for the online money transfer process. But before you begin this process, there are certain things you must first remember. The first thing you must know is the requirements for the online money transfer. These requirements often change with the mode of transfer channel you opt for. Let us take a look at few requirements to know more: Opening an account One of the major requirements of the online money transfer process is the account details. Depending on your medium of channel, you will need to open an account to make the transfer. This account can be a bank account, if you are opening an account in any of the top banks. This is a beneficial option if the receiver also has a bank account in the same bank, but in a different location. This makes it easier to transfer funds, as intra bank services are extremely quick. Alternatively, you can approach any other financial institute that offers this service and open an account. Through this service, the receiver need not have to open an account in the same venture, as these services normally provide a service wherein you can transfer funds to any other account. Choice of mode of pay After you open an account, there next details you will require is the mode of payment. There are various ways you can make an online money transfer, which includes bank accounts or even using banking cards. Through the banking accounts, there are two options. In one case, the sender can deposit the required amount of money in the receivers account directly. Alternatively, he can even credit the receivers account with the funds from his own account. Additionally, the sender can also transfer funds using the banking cards like the credit card or even the debit card. This can be done through . banking facilities, which is normally provided by various financial institutes. Proof of identity In some financial institutes or banks, you will need to provide proof of identity. This depends on whether you are sending the money or receiving. In some cases, the applicant will need to provide details of both the individuals. Some of the details related to proof of identity include, government issued photo ID which can include drivers license, passport or even the adhar card. You may also need to provide the details about the receiver’s phone number, address, city, province and country, depending on where they’re picking up the money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: