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"We have come to the" other fancy photography Yuan Hong was kneeling washboard – Sohu   entertainment; "we have come to the" fancy style photography, Sohu entertainment news this Friday Hunan TV, "we have come to the" guests in four spring like Yunnan Tengchong continues to play wonderful content. Carry out the tricks to win all the guests to shoot charity fund eighth of the program, in this landscape is Tengchong, a variety of new stars burst of creative surprise unceasingly, Carina Lau and Yuan Hong is the tacit understanding, put on a good performance. Always a lot of ideas of Yuan Hong and Ka-ling bold sister in this game full of jokes, funny. Carina Lau turned the "Queen" Yuan Hong dedicated willing "Xiao Yuan Zi" and all the guests have in the pond, flowers, bridges, water scenery, beautiful, like the beautiful scenery painting. Yuan Hong handheld camera, become a handsome photographer for the stars, photographs, the goddess of beauty attitude in the collection bag. And in this picturesque scenery, Carina Lau play with the heart, with Yuan Hong staged a "Palace play". Carina Lau does not take the unusual way in the filming, burst into wonderful to melodrama, the wonderful props the most incisive hand twist Yuan Hong ears, Carina Lau, domineering attitude turned "empress Liu", Yuan Hong strongly with kneeling on a head, duck, face "pain", like most do no wrong in the stricken "Xiao Yuan Zi", Sheenah and Xi Mengyao joined them, turned to serve "empress Liu" and "Ladies", others drew laughter again and again. The stars look full full, so that the picture is more vivid and interesting. Ka-ling sister out wit using props play slip goddesses to write and draw freely as one wishes in the lens, brought a vitality to the flowers. Bold Carina Lau in the gurgling River, with waving color scarf, is a charm, professional Yuan Hong has been captured by charming sister Ka-ling. Carina Lau’s other sister, who knows Ka-ling too hard "pose", scarf accidentally fell into the river, Yuan Hong "emergency salvage" regardless of personal danger, quickly picked up after wet scarf, thought Yuan Hong could not use wet props, who knows Carina Lau will be a wet scarf with two props washboard perfect, as the embodiment of "Sha female" Yuan Hong praised Ka-ling, out of my wit. Carina Lau clever use of props in the play, a magical washing scarf, the effect is excellent, rich flavor of life and without losing the domineering demeanor. Figure shooting this period Yuan Hong and Carina Lau is creative, laughter again and again, it seems "Xiao Yuan Zi" and "empress Liu" combination produced a wonderful chemical reaction"! Carina Lau in this phase of the program and Yuan Hong will have wonderful content which scream? Please watch the Hunan satellite TV broadcast on Friday 20:20 "we are coming"!相关的主题文章: