Warcraft garbage time he is still handsome than to find the rhythm gradually-sayu-02

Warcraft garbage time: he is still handsome than to find the rhythm gradually find the rhythm of Warcraft sina sports news Beijing time on February 8th, Houston defeated the home court in Portland yesterday rocket pioneer, but Dwight Howard play eye-catching. According to the Houston chronicle, acting coach J.B. Beek Gustave revealed that Warcraft had requested in garbage time in the game yesterday, he thinks it find the rhythm of warcraft. Yesterday, the Rockets to a 79-96 defeat in the Blazers game, Warcraft played 41 minutes, scored 17 points and 14 rebounds. Recently, he was absent for 4 games due to ankle injury and suspension by the league. And this 41 minutes is his latest 5 games most. The state is Warcraft every day better, the acting coach Beek Gustave also said: "he was active Qingzhan, he also played some good performance. On the defensive side, he actively exchanges with teammates. He in most tactical aspects, including the pick and roll performance are good…… His ankle injury lowered his performance, but now he’s starting to find himself, get back to the state and pace, and something else." Yesterday, the fourth session of the game into garbage time, James harden because finger injury, also in the fourth quarter early end of the rest. But Warcraft stayed on the field until the final whistle. During the period, he has led the team shot a wave of 20-5 wave of attacks in the case without harden, once poor will be close to 11 points. In this regard, Beek explained that the requirements of Warcraft staaf, "he said he wanted to play." And summing up yesterday’s game, Warcraft believes that the Rockets to better maintain the initiative. What makes him unhappy is that when the opponent hits a small climax, the Rockets’ energy will decline to some extent. "The battlefield is in our own minds, and we’re actually fighting ourselves," said Warcraft. "I’ve been in the League for years and found that the teams that win are very powerful, and we have to continue to improve in this respect." (Chi Mei)

魔兽垃圾时间仍请缨 比帅:他正逐渐找回节奏 魔兽找回节奏   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月8日,昨天休斯顿火箭主场大败于波特兰开拓者,但德怀特-霍华德发挥抢眼。据《休斯顿纪事报》报道,代理主帅J.B。-比克斯塔夫透露,魔兽昨天曾请求在垃圾时间留在场上,他认为魔兽正找回节奏。   在昨天火箭以79-96大败于开拓者的比赛中,魔兽出战41分钟,得到17分14个篮板。近期,他因脚踝受伤和被联盟禁赛,共缺席了4场。而本场41分钟则是他近期5场最多的。   魔兽的状态正一天天变好,代理主帅比克斯塔夫也表示:“他积极请战,他也打出了一些不错的表现。防守端,他积极和队友交流。他在大部分战术环节,包括挡拆中表现得都很棒……脚踝伤势让他的表现有所回落,但如今他开始找回自己,找回状态和节奏,以及其他一些东西。”   昨天比赛第四节进入垃圾时间,詹姆斯-哈登因手指受伤,也在第四节初早早下场休息。但魔兽却一直留在场上,直到终场哨响。期间,他曾率队在没有哈登的情况下打出一波20-5的攻击波,一度将分差迫近到11分。   对此,比克斯塔夫解释说是魔兽要求的,“他说他想打球。”   而总结昨天的比赛,魔兽认为火箭要更好地保持积极性。令他不满的是,每当对手打出一波小高潮时,火箭球员的活力就会有一定程度的下滑。   “战场是在我们自己的脑海里,我们其实是在对抗自己,”魔兽说,“我在联盟效力多年了,发现那些赢球的球队,都是内心无比强大的,我们在这方面还得继续提升。”(魑魅)相关的主题文章: