Wang Yimei Ding Xia led the women’s Volleyball Team Liaoning promotional photos sent Yan Ni single c-mentalist

Wang Yimei Ding Xia led the women’s Volleyball Team Liaoning promotional photos sent Yan Ni single appearance of Liaoning broadcasting shaou New Year’s women’s Volleyball League start! Saying this time, my heart is actually a bit empty, because the League began in two weeks, I know you are saying that I’m lazy, only now make! After the start of the league, I was really busy, and this year has been no rest, tired, tired, of course, lazy…… Don’t talk about me, let’s talk about our team! New season, new weather, the Liaoning women’s volleyball, a new season is still not the introduction of foreign aid, but we have a new club, Liaoning broadcasting shaou women’s Volleyball Club ", which is quite gratifying! The new image of the new club, the first team to Po as a collective for everyone to see, is very beautiful, you say! I know what you see in this group of photos. You must have asked me, Yan Ni? The shopkeeper? On wrong! Is it? Now to answer you, Yan Ni shooting day something was not able to take a photo with you, so she sent single appearance!! When it comes to Yan Ni, but she was my village "King" (maximum power team). To what extent is her strength? Well, I deal with the equivalent of an ant smasher. Of course, she is also our village party secretary, the official boss!! Oh, I forgot to tell you that our village is just me and her!! In addition, I want to insert a little story here, it made me think of also laughter now. The first home in the league, we do not know when the game before the event, the audience shouted: "Wang Meiyi, you are the most beautiful!" The girl was pleased to hear that! Oh my God, the game was terrific. She played well, of course, we are happy, but we have to speak at the time of the heart of the real idea: This is the God who did not wear glasses to watch the game…… This feature only shows a "truth": the girl is beauty drops! So, please support our beautiful Liaoning women’s volleyball team, we will strive to return to everyone a beautiful League report card! (source: Chinese pictures from Liaoning radio and Television Association shaou women’s volleyball club provides)相关的主题文章: