Wang Guangyi, a representative of Contemporary Art-incubus

Representative Wang Guangyi to Chinese contemporary art exhibition of new Chu Tianjin daily news reporter Liu Ying yesterday, @ Wuhan 2016 "is an important part of the" Wang Guangyi: the existence and Transcendence of "exhibition opened at the Museum of fine arts. Wang Guangyi is a representative figure of contemporary art China, his "critical" series of works is China of contemporary art in 1990 to 2000s for a long period of time the representative image, affecting hundreds of thousands of generations of artists. The most representative work, "the critical series", was created in Wuhan. The opening ceremony, Wang Guangyi has repeatedly said that Wuhan is his second home, "1990 job transfers to Wuhan, at the Hubei University of Technology (Hubei Polytechnic) for three years, for me Wuhan is a very important place, many of my work is created in Wuhan. Until now, I still show my ID card is a wuhan." The exhibition is made up of 6 parts: "the negative film of the idol", "the boundary of cognition", "the visual politics", "the cold war aesthetics", "the clue of thought" and "the dilemma of faith". The reporter saw, each pavilion layout content are not the same, both paintings also form device, image media art, a comprehensive clean-up of Wang Guangyi since the last century since the mid 80s’s thought and practice achievements. The exhibition curator Lu Hong introduction, this exhibition mainly presents Wang Guangyi’s artistic creation since 2012, but the work was never officially on display, including him in various periods of the various types of manuscripts. Wang Guangyi’s latest work "is the" all over the world for the first time in the Chinese display, is caused by the audience crowd, this works using the form of multimedia, image projection and huge fluorescent lamps, audio and other forms will instantly give visitors a great vision, hearing and feeling the impact. It is reported that the exhibition will last until April 25th next year.相关的主题文章: