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Utopia: from ideal to history. Attraction and exclusion, reason and power, love and hate, are all necessary for human existence. These oppositions create the concept of good and evil. Good is passive, it comes from reason. Evil is active, it comes from impulse. The author: (English) Robert Skidelskiy (Robert Skidelsky) (UK) Edward Skidelskiy (Edward Skidelsky) has always dreamed of a world without suffering, no injustice, especially without work. Adam and Eve were placed in the garden, "the trees grow out of the ground, pleasing to the eye, which was good for food". Until then, Adam and Eve fell, and God punished them for their hard work. "Fertile land offers its rich natural resources" (Hesiod), "every river flowing Wine…… The fish will bake themselves up to the table "(Teller Clyde J), which is the Greek poet dreams of the" golden age "". Eden (Hebrew:), according to the "Bible" records · genesis, God himself created human ancestors, a man called Adam, a woman called Eve, placed first lived in the garden of eden. In the Bible, the garden of Eden contains the meaning of a happy, happy garden. For centuries, these ancient dreams had little change. The comfort zone is full of roast pig, their backs with a knife, walk around. "Rock candy mountain" (Big Rock Candy Mountain) is a popular song in 1920s, it depicts a world: hen was half cooked egg, wine from the rock shed, and people will "hang inventions". The folklore of the utopian dream of secular and naive, reflects the aspirations of the people leisure and comfortable life. The citizens’ Utopia, which philosophers have preached, is not very pleasing, and they believe that man’s desire should be constrained by the rational government, rather than simply satisfied. The ideal in this view can be traced back to the "Platon" (Republic), which depicts a civilized governance elite guardian of the ideal city, they share everything, including women, and in the state of instruction, and women regularly reproduce. "Utopia" is the ancient Greek philosopher Platon written in about 390 BC works. It takes Socrates as the leading role and adopts the form of dialogue, which is divided into 10 volumes. In 1516, Thomas · wrote a book entitled "Utopia" (Utopia), giving the idea a formal name. This work describes the same cruel: people of all classes have a common property, not only to the ruler of all; people only work 6 hours a day, but the work time shortened, instead of relying on technology progress, but to strictly control the diet by rationing appetite, the "little joy in the life is serious damage";.相关的主题文章: