Useful Tips To Make An Mp3 From Any Video

Video-Streaming Sometimes, you might feel disheartened when your favorite song is only available in its official video file, but youre unable to find its MP3 recording. Or you may feel that the videos sound quality is better than the one available in the MP3 format. What will you do then? Will you continue listening to the same on your Smartphone or MP3 player or look for an alternative? If you have ever wished to create an MP3 from a favorite video file, then it is quite simple these days. All you need to do is to find open source software, download and install it on your system, and then easily strip the audio and convert it to your favorite format. What is all about converting MP3 from favorite video file? Many users aren’t aware of all the .ponents of a video file. Heres quick information about the same that every video file bundled with three major parts, including a video, the audio, and the wrapper. The wrapper is the final format like .AVI, .MP4, .MKV, and many others that usually exist on your system, whenever you download a video. The .AVI,.MP4, .MKV formats are nothing but a medium to .bine audio and visual together and present it in the form of a single video. Since video files dont incorporate all the audio strips that are being the part of a .plete video, audio can be easily lifted from a wrapper. To lift an audio, you need to extract it from the wrapper and then save it in your desired audio format. Steps to convert MP3 from favorite video file In this tutorial, we will be using Avidemux, an open source video editor, and a system running on the 64-bit version on Windows 8.1. The selected video editing software is extensively used for video transcoding, cutting, and filtering, and it .es to user for free. Now, be patient and follow the below mentioned steps: 1. Download and install Avidemux on your system. 2. Open Avidemux, and click File -> Open. 3. Select your favorite video that you desire to convert into an MP3 by browsing the tool to the location and then click on the Open button. 4. Avidemux will automatically trace the formats that the video is encoded in, but you will always need to ensure that the audio output is an MP3. Click on the drop-down menu under Audio Output section and select MP3 from it. 5. If you want to adjust the quality and bitrate mode, then click the Configure button under Audio Output section and pick your settings. 6. Once youve made the desired change in the settings column, click on the Audio menu and then Save audio from the drop down. 7. Now, browse to the location to save your audio file. 8. Click on the Save button after selecting your desired location and name your file to see a progress window. If you want to make some changes again, then stop the process at any time by clicking the Cancel button. 9. Once the progress bar has finished converting, your new MP3 is ready. 10. Double-click on it and play it in your music app and then transfer it to your Smartphone or MP3 player. Using video to audio conversion software is an ideal method to convert your favorite videos seamlessly. You can search for other software on Google or ask your tech geek cousin to re.mend a few for attaining desired results. If you think that your device is capable of playing all the other sound or audio formats apart from MP3, then convert your videos to them for a better music experience. Being able to extract audio from video lets you carry your favorite stuff anytime, anywhere, and without any hassle. Once you learn video to audio conversion, you can easily create your ringtones, and extract the entire audio track from a video to flaunt amongst your friends! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: