Two in the Super Championship squad with a weakness if no reinforcement or difficult to leave-sugus

Two in the Super Championship squad with a weakness if no reinforcement or difficult to leave Cannavaro to solve the defensive problems? After the season ended in the Super League, the league, the success into the super Tianjin right to health and Guizhou Hengfeng much attention of fans. Although the two team boss, now have a strong desire to invest in football. However, from the aspect of allocation team personnel to consider the next season the two teams in the Super Championship has the same problem, that is the weak defence personnel. In this year in a season, compared to Fabiano, Judson, and the sun can form a lattice UVA Neo luxury attack group, the right to health of the defense personnel section is relatively weak. In the Brazilian League led Rosenberger in 7 over the case, the right to health after the short board of the line is more obvious, Liu Sheng, Zhang Cheng, Zhang Wei, Lanma such as per capita in the game appear a mistake in different degree, the team’s defence was tantamount to lacking spirit of cooperation. After Cannavaro boldly into sovereign kin, Yan Zihao, Jin Pengxiang, Zhang Xiuwei, et al. Storage at present in the defensive line, and emphasizes the whole team defensive and offensive and defensive problems have eased the right to health, but the entire defense team is still no core players. But at the end of the season Carlisle also revealed that the player of the season in the team next year many of them may not be in the team, and "selected" the understanding in West Asia at Korea Tiewei right to source as the defense team core for next year. Thus, in the Cannavaro coach team has long been aware of the team on the defensive side of the short board. But now, the right to health has also admitted that, in the introduction of the "problem in the right Jingyuan backcourt Tiger Balm", they met with little resistance. In addition there is also speculation, in Neiyuan this season after Carlisle left the club to introduce the list, perhaps including Mi Haolun, Tong Wang such potential defender. From the current situation, the right to health or in the coming year will also open up the team burn mode question. The right to defend the defense in the next year to improve a grade, the test is not bad money Club Research capabilities. With the right to health, this year to second in the league in Guizhou reached the risk identity, also faces serious problems of lack of defense. The right to health is experienced goalkeeper Zhang Lu sits, and Guizhou this year goalkeeper Su Boyang compared with Zhang Lu, apparently a lot of young. In addition, the season of the line in Guizhou, in addition to the halfback combination method, two season debut Tucci Iban were more than 25 times belongs to the absolute main force, the defender basic hovering between the main and reserve. With two people and Festus Iban are over the age of 35, the old line seems to be very difficult to resist the impact of super foreign aid. Whether it is the club’s long-term investment plan, the club or the personnel configuration, Guizhou and the rich compared to the right to health, there is a certain gap. Li Bing’s team even realized the defense problem, it is difficult to estimate in the short term so that the team’s defensive ability has been significantly improved. In the coming year in his debut season, in places they may retain a pragmatic goal. For in front of almost no "stars" P相关的主题文章: