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Entrepreneurialism What an interesting morning today was. I was driving my son to meet some friends for field day at camp. We talked a bit about the unfolding day and he mentioned that he saw a new flying car on the google front page. Flying has always been a passion of mine and the thought of a flying car finally .ing to fruition intrigued me. Actually I was very excited and turned on the laptop as soon as I returned home. There it was, right along side the top searches for the day. The new Twilight movie, an article about the new Verizon iPhone and the Terrafugia – Transition. One has to think what the connection could be that placed these varied items at the top. Why were people clicking away and driving traffic so fast to these sites? The answer, I believe, is fantasy and escape. Twilight brings two hours of child like story in adult format with all the adventure of Harry Potter and the romance of a Bogart movie. The iPhone, one can spend hours on it. It is like having a laptop with you. You can surf the web at work, school, any dull place you wish you did not have to be at. The Terrafugia? Holy cow! Talk about escape and something for the dream board! Since childhood the thought of a flying car was always there. Imagine walking out of your house and into your driveway, stepping into your car, and like being on a magic carpet fly away from the things of man. For $200,000 you can get the car, although I want the FAA to put a stamp on it first. And the iPhone and movie, pocket change, but then I thought, will any of that really fix the boredom many people live with? The most vibrant people I know are new members to the Network Marketing industry. They get up early to get the day started, they have hope for a great future for themselves and their family, and they email late into the night, unable to sleep from all the excitement of the day. Having a dream and a goal and working towards it with a massive group of like minded people is better than any toy or distraction you can buy. Toys are fleeting and can make even more stess if you finance them (that is a lesson for another day) but working together towards a .mon goal puts you in charge of your future. Isn’t that what we really want after all? A little more control of our lives, the ability to make some choices and live life the way you want to live it? I will see Twilight, I will check out the Verizon iPhone and the Terrafugia flying car is going up on the vision board. Then it is time to pick up the phone and make a call. I control my destiny and you can too. Joe Sommese The.workBuilders About the Author: 相关的主题文章: