Tsinghua high school basketball team in the 36 division and two negative Taiwan Elite battle mad los-kisstudou

Tsinghua high school basketball team in the 36 division and two negative Taiwan Elite battle mad lost 68 points Tsinghua high school suffered another defeat in September 30th 2016 "school sports Tencent ball cup" high school basketball tournament continues, Tsinghua high school in 2 was a 36 point loss, 55-91 loss to the Nanshan High School was the two game losing streak, missed the semi-finals. In the first game before, they had 49-81 defeat Taishan high school. Related reading: mainland high school basketball supremacy 32 point loss to the island name mouth with unexpected ball cup basketball tournament in High School Science Island, in addition to Tsinghua high school and Taishan high school, and 31 in Shenyang, Nanshan High School, Gao Yuan Industrial and civilian home business, the 6 teams divided North South confrontation. Tsinghua high school and high school, Taishan high school in the north of nanshan. Tsinghua high school first 49-81 big score lost to Taishan high school caused many media attention, although the team was in April of this year to achieve the domestic high school league ten consecutive years, but is now facing a large area of the main exchange transfusion, 5 people and 2 people were in the rotation of all 7 people to leave, and the team three point guard had serious injuries, so the strength large reduction. The field of technical statistics of Tsinghua high school rival today than Nanshan High School Taishan high school is stronger, traditional teams. From the competition process, Tsinghua high school with rivals have significant difference, plus the hit rate is very low, the first section is 11-18 behind the second rival three ball feel overwhelmed, a single 9 in 6, and Tsinghua single section only 7 points, at the end of the first half to reach 25 points behind 18-43. The third quarter, Nanshan High School although feel bad, three points in only 8 in 1, but the team still gave Tsinghua high school a lot of pressure, a single 8 steals, let Tsinghua errors up to 11 times. At the end of the game, the score has been extended to 30-63. The last section of Tsinghua state slightly improved, two ball 15 11 let the score no further away, eventually 55-91 opponents, was the two game losing streak, missed the semi-finals. Tsinghua high school with the end of the game, this tournament semi-finals baked. Another domestic team in Shenyang 31 wins in south the match with a negative, won the southern second, against today Tsinghua high school rival Nanshan High School in the semifinals, the other semi-final by the high court against Taishan Southern first business school. Mainland high school basketball supremacy 32 points defeat Taiwan team (this video content sigh mouth accident has nothing to do with the original, for further reading)相关的主题文章: