Truck road from the train carrying 20 tons of frozen chicken to barbecue

The truck road train carrying 20 tons of frozen chicken "barbecue" original title: Hubei road freight train carrying 20 tons of frozen chicken "barbecue" refrigerated truck body surrounded by fire Wang Jida taken fire officers and soldiers using water cannon and foam gun fire Wang Jida photo Beijing, Xiaogan, February 20 (Zhu Wei Wang Jida Liang Ting) the 316 National Highway in Hubei Anlu Xiang Town Road, Suizhou to Wuhan, a refrigerated truck suddenly caught fire in the running process, 20 tons of frozen chicken car full baked, into a barbecue". The 19 day at 11:19, Hubei Anlu fire squadron received the alarm call, Hubei State Road 316 Anlu Xiang Town Road, a refrigerated truck suddenly caught fire. After the alarm, Anlu city fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, far saw tens of meters high smoke, truck body surrounded by fire, the fire raging. Fire officers and men quickly laid water guns and foam guns to extinguish the fire. After nearly 1 hours of fighting, the fire was extinguished, but the truck 20 tons of frozen thawed chicken is cooked, the air filled with a smell of barbecue. According to truck driver Liu master introduction, the day he prepared 20 tons of frozen chicken shipped from Hubei, Suizhou to Wuhan city. When the line to Hubei, Anlu, from the rearview mirror found smoke smoke fire, so he hastened to pull aside, use the car extinguisher fire, but to no avail, immediately call 119 alarm. At present, the cause of the fire is under investigation. (Editor): editor in chief: SN226

货车国道起火 车载20吨冷冻鸡肉变“烤肉”   原标题:湖北一货车国道起火 车载20吨冷冻鸡肉变“烤肉” 冷冻货车车身被大火包围 王基达 摄 消防官兵使用水枪和泡沫枪灭火 王基达 摄   中新网孝感2月20日电 (祝伟 王基达 梁婷)316国道湖北安陆洑水镇路段,随州往武汉方向,一辆冷冻货车在行驶过程中突然起火,车上满载的20吨冷冻鸡肉被烤熟,变成“烤肉”。   19日11时19分,湖北安陆消防中队接到报警称,316国道湖北安陆洑水镇路段,一辆冷冻货车突然起火。接警后,安陆市消防官兵赶往现场,远远便看见数十米高的浓烟,货车车身被大火包围,火势猛烈。于是,消防官兵迅速铺设水枪和泡沫枪灭火。经过近1小时的扑救,大火终被扑灭,可货车上20吨冷冻鸡肉被解冻烤熟,空气中弥漫着一股烤肉的香味。   据货车司机刘师傅介绍,当天他准备将20吨冷冻鸡肉从湖北随州运往武汉市。行至湖北安陆境内时,从后视镜中发现车尾冒烟起火,于是他赶紧靠边停车,使用车载灭火器灭火,但无济于事,便立即拨打119报警。   目前,火灾原因正在进一步调查之中。(完) 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: