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Travel-and-Leisure When Wilbur Wright made the first powered flight he is said to have .mented afterwards "This is all well and good. But where will people put their creams?" That’s not true of course. We all know it was Orville who took to the skies first. There are all sorts of restrictions on what can and cannot be taken on board a plane as you fly of to the Balearics or the US of A for a shopping trip. First there are the self imposed limitations. There’s only so much room in your case after all those outfits, so people have always had to be careful but ruthless with what they take. Second, there are the limits placed upon travellers by the airlines. We can only take so many bottles of certain sizes, weights and types when we fly. Sometimes it is for sound aeronautical reasons; others, you might suspect, it is to attract surcharges and fines from money-grubbing airlines (or as they put it, rewarding light travellers; take your pick). And third, after one situation where dangerous liquids were detected on a passenger several years ago, there have been strict (and possibly over-exhaustve) rules about what can and cannot be taken onboard in hand luggage and how it is shown for inspection. Currently the rules state a total of 1 litre of fluids, broken down in containers that hold a maximum of 100ml each, and they need to be placed in a see-through bag of a certain size – a nice problem to worry about when you have a swimwear collection to trim down These rules are, however, constantly under review and could change at any moment. So you need to have the right kind of bottle in the right size. Now although some products always .e in small sizes, like perfume or lip cosmetics, we don’t tend to buy cleansers, creams, shampoos and other such cosmetics in anything smaller than 200 ml bottles and tubes. There are two possible solutions: leave everything at home and purchase what you need when you get to your destination; or simply transfer your existing liquids into smaller containers. But we can;t be sure foreign countries will keep the brands we know and love or indeed that the shops will be open most people prefer the second way. You can get travel bottles from most supermarkets and chemists, and there are also suppliers such as Ickle Bockles who have developed the concept to a whole new level, making everything from simple containers with screw tops to pumps and sprays, and importantly they all .e in regulation sizes and specifications. They also have a bit of style and attractiveness, unlike the somewhat bland bottles you can pick up from anywhere. Using these travel bottles, as soon as you touch down you can moisturise and clean up, put on some sun cream and hit the beach while others go shopping for their shower wash, hand wash, skin moisturiser, toothpaste, conditioner and whatever else they need. No wonder the shops might be closed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: