Traits That Attract Men In

Dating To many women, attraction is a mysterious thing. Mistakenly, many women believe that attraction is .pletely based on looks or physical attributes. What they do not realize is that a big part of what attracts men and keeps them thinking about a woman is how you can mix the serious with the fun and do it in an unpredictable way. Being unpredictable in a fun way with a man is pure magic. But when it’s coupled with something serious, it’s a sure recipe for attraction and creating mystery that makes him want to stay – as either a date or a boyfriend. This seemingly duplicitous nature does several things for a man. First, it makes YOU stick out in his mind. You are not another boring but pretty face if you can keep him on his toes and trying to guess what you are going to do next. Second – it creates attraction for him – especially if you can keep a fairly aloof position, exhibiting to him that you don’t need him and that you are not there at his beck and call. It shows him that you are a challenge, and men love that. For example, let’s say you’re in a bar or in a restaurant and you’re talking with a man who you are attracted to. If you want to be like most women, then you’ll ask him some .mon questions about himself, his career, his life, his family, etc and he will start wondering who won last night’s game. This is way too predictable and only works in a few lucky situations or if you’re some supermodel who makes men’s brains shut off just by looking at them. And yeah, while you could get to know a guy talking about this stuff, you’ll see that he’s got his eye on some woman across the room who’s laughing, having a great time, and is obviously fun and exciting to be around. Predictability is the antithesis of interesting. If you are always predictable, then by definition you’re not interesting. So keep doing things that are interesting and unexpected. Talking about this regular stuff, while it has some value in getting to know some details about a man’s life and history, can be an attraction killer when you do too much of it. So what to do instead? Try playing with him a bit. Make up answers to his questions that are obviously not true, like saying that you are actually sent here to measure the intelligence of the life forms at the bar by NASA. Tell him you slipped him a Mickey in his beer and you will answer his questions only after it has taken effect and he is sure to remember nothing. Tell him you are a hypnotist and now he will start barking like a dog whenever someone says the word "tree". The point is to keep the conversation fun and keep him guessing as to what you are going to do next. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: