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Traffic accident 6 years old boy and care as a new initiative to bear responsibility in the family network net Changsha County station news September 26th (Xingsha Times reporter Yang Jinghuang) "Bei Shan Zhen Pai Lou Cun an old man was riding the injured students, students do not dare to escape, is responsible for the care of the elderly, but also for the child, praise." These days, in the circle of friends, a traffic accident caused hot friends. September 23rd afternoon, the reporter in Changsha City Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (Changsha eighth hospital) to see the parties to the accident. Avoid turning the car, but the old man injured elderly just finished surgery, medical personnel in the hospital bed and told the note, one side of the "family" listened carefully, not appease lying on the bed of the old man moaned softly. The reporter understands, Xiao Peng and parents accompanying the "family" in the injured elderly, the old man’s daughter Tan Xianglin is on the side of. Time back to September 17th morning at about 11, the small Peng riding electric cars starting from the home town, to buy water for uncle. At the time of reunion near the bridge pavement is being repaired, the road narrows, he left to a fork in the road, to avoid a car to turn right, unexpectedly hit suddenly appeared in front of the old man. Peng Peng recalled, he fell unconscious after a few seconds, to see the old man fell to the ground, he immediately picked up the pressure on the old man’s electric car, and passers-by to help. "There is a man, refused to help me to help the old man, but by phone, I got in touch with my parents." Xiao Peng has been kept in the old man’s side, ten minutes later, his parents rushed to the scene, through the nearby villagers to help contact, the old man’s daughter Tan Xianglin then arrived. Son broke the disaster, all of a sudden panic, did not expect the alarm and hit 120." Peng said the mother, when there is no obvious bleeding in the elderly, there is no where to call discomfort, she is not assured, called a friend to help drive the old man to the hospital for examination. Take care of, one week old man named Zhang Peiliang, 63 years old, living with his daughter, son in Beijing. "She wanted to go shopping at the fair that day, and nobody wanted to do anything like that. There are three children in my family to take care of." Tan Xianglin said that her mother was sent to the hospital, the family is a small Peng to stay for a week, day and night guard in front of the hospital, the end of water delivery, care, she was very grateful. According to reports, uncle congenital deafmutism Xiao Peng, no fixed source of income, and they live together, sister university is internship, a family of 5 people on the Pengfu in life Machinery Factory revenue. "They are not easy to be a family, can cure her mother is good, other costs are not considered." Tan Xianglin said. "The old man injured, but after treatment no danger." Hepatobiliary surgery hospital physician Tian Zhongyong told reporters that the operation is smooth, but also depends on the recovery, such as good recovery, no problem in the future self-care. The old man has treatment costs 28 thousand yuan, a small Peng paid 10 thousand yuan, is still in the rest of the money raised. A traffic accident hit a good interactive butt after it should send the injured to the hospital actively.相关的主题文章: