Trading volumes were up double the decline in August the second-hand car market freeze – Auto Sohu exit safe mode

Trading volumes were up double the decline in August the second-hand car market freeze – car Sohu the afternoon of September 13th, the 185th phase of the national vehicle information conference held as scheduled, in the sub city meeting, sub city has carried on the analysis to the August Beijing auto market transactions. The new car transactions in August 2016 Beijing new car transaction 35100, 40300 vehicles last year fell 12.90%, fell 37.12 percentage points higher than the national growth rate; growth of 1.62%, 10.21 percentage points lower than the national capital; 1-8 month cumulative trading 279600 new vehicles, 315400 cars last year compared to the cumulative decline of 11.35%, a decline of 22.78 percentage points higher than the national. The characteristics of the new car market: Beijing city in August year-on-year sales continued downward trend, but in August 7, compared with June is rose trend, but compared with the national sales trend is still there is a big gap; B car sales are on the rise trend, the enterprises need to seize the opportunity to steadily enhance; AO sales recently had no obvious improvement; August is the off-season sales, but the last week of sales situation is slightly better, but also lay the foundation for the September power; new energy indicators in August have been exhausted, but Beijing is currently no relevant policy in October, December new energy index; import trade car in August 2016 0 the capital imported car trading, down 15.69%. Growth of 2.87%, import car transactions accounted for 12.25% of the total sales of imported cars 1-8 month cumulative sales of 35 vehicles, the same Fell more than 25.44%, new car sales accounted for 11.39% of the imported car market characteristics: August Beijing an imported car has not yet stabilized, but the previous month sales good, is 1-8 month high in March, the total share of the car also increased slightly; the second half of 7, 8 of the two months of sales were higher than the average sales of the first half of the import; car prices continue to enrich the product line, to seize a two hundred thousand price range, become the main point of growth; to further meet consumer demand Beijing favorite car, sub city in the mid autumn festival held in the square outside the Viano mid Autumn Festival special special event in August of second-hand car trading second-hand car transactions transfer of 54100 vehicles, 11.02% fell, a decline of 2.36% in August, while second-hand car moving rate of 50.65%, the proportion of new and old 1:1.54 1-8 months; Beijing The cumulative turnover of transfer of second-hand car 448920 times, 457000 times over the same period last year, the cumulative decline of 1.77%; second-hand car super car sales 54.13%, new car transaction ratio of 1:1.61. Removal of the ban on the direct impact of the market in August Beijing second-hand car trading volume showed a downward trend. Beijing city in August the relocation rate higher, moved to limit the lifting effects continue to release. The main city of Beijing Beijing 1-8 vehicle relocation relocation of ten provinces and cities in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi accounted for more than a year has increased significantly, while Jilin and Shandong declined more.相关的主题文章: