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Tourism website malicious disclosure of user information for reporting complaints – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 29th news (reporter Zhang Mianmian) according to the Chinese sound "center wide news" report, recently, the central network information office, the National Tourism Bureau jointly issued "on the" serious violations of dishonesty tourism website "special rectification notice" for a period of three months, starting the tourism website of serious violations of dishonesty in the nationwide special rectification work. With the National Day holidays, travel around and will usher in the peak travel, travel sites provide tourist travel convenience for the masses, all kinds of false propaganda, consumer privacy and reduce the service standard, issued vulgar information illegal dishonesty, but also frequent scale disease, serious impact on the consumer experience, violated the public interests. Especially during the Spring Festival, national day and other holiday travel peak period, the various types of complaints against the tourism website is significantly increased, in this context, the central network letter office and the National Tourism Administration decided to carry out special rectification work. It is understood that the special objects include comprehensive travel sites, travel sites, online travel booking service sites, tourist attractions and tourism website, website channel and tourist sites such as APP, through carried out the special rectification actions, resolutely clean up the investigation, closing a number of illegal tourism websites and serious dishonesty, the main responsibility to supervise the site the implementation of the integrity of the building industry, and improve the integrity and self-discipline norms, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of Internet users, create a Fengqing upright network space. The central network information office and the National Tourism Administration has also encouraged the majority of users of the tourism website peccant problems complaints and reports, and publicize the special rectification of the seven key points: one is to report false propaganda, fictional facts, scenic attractions, hotel accommodation standards of fuzzy; two is the booking service Tourism Website the dispute, information of a predetermined error, not agreed to unsubscribe from consumption; three is the establishment of tourism websites publish false information, fraudulent financial; four malicious disclosure of personal information privacy; five is issued gambling, pornography and other illegal information content; six is not set up user complaint platform, or no timely disposal of user complaints information; the seven is the default user travel website condone illegal acts of dishonesty. The public can report through the Chinese Internet Illegal and harmful information center, reporting telephone 12377, the National Tourism wisdom public service platform to report the phone, 12301, as well as log on to report complaints related websites.相关的主题文章: