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College-University Today, most design professionals have a very common quandary and that is should they keep up with the latest software. This issue is unavoidable as CAD and BIM software is continuously changing and evolving to newer versions. So, the solution is one must get acquainted with all the latest versions of the Autodesk software to understand it in a better way. AutoCAD, one of Autodesks software applications helps users work smarter and allows enjoy enhanced productivity with web support direct from Autodesk and self-paced, online training. AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT is the worlds most popular design software. With this software, design professionals can create, manage and share design information more efficiently to enhance productivity and achieve their business and design goals concurrently. Given below are five essential reasons why Autodesk software users should keep themselves updates with the latest versions. These reasons will not only keep them updated with the latest technologies but will also protect them from investing unnecessarily in CAD/BIM software. Upgrade Option for Non-Current Autodesk Products Ended As Autodesk shifted towards a Maintenance Subscription Model, February 2015 marked the end of a long era of upgrades for Autodesk products. Its been almost a year wherein the ability for users to update their older version licenses to the current version ended. Before February 2015, Autodesk worked effortlessly with value Added Resellers to provide promotions that allowed users to upgrade their older versions to the prevailing latest software version at a discounted price. Also, before February 2015 the people who were not on active maintenance subscription had to eventually purchase new licenses at full price after the date as they would have lost all value in their assets. Maintaining Autodesk Subscription is the best way to acquaint with latest versions For many individuals, the biggest challenge in keeping up-to-date with their software is the cost factor. BIM and CAD software can be very expensive for an organisation and prices can vary anywhere from $1500 to $5000 for a single license. The price can even rise quickly, so maintaining an Autodesk subscription is a wise decision. Ends all File Compatibility Issues Autodesk software can typically open older types of file. The fact lies that forward migration has been possible since the early days of AutoCAD. However, going backwards is not always a good option. For instance, if someone has worked in version 2012, which is a 2010 DWG format, opening a 2015 file is not feasible because it was a 2013 DWG format. More than likely that user would have to reach out to the file provider and ask them to save it back to the 2010 format. However, when using the AutoCAD vertical products such as Autodesk AutoCAD MEP, Autodesk AutoCAD Architecture or Autodesk Civil 3D this is not suggested due to the AEC object data embedded in this file type. Learning Curve Reduced to a Great Extent It goes without saying that the software must be tested before it is rolled out; however, updating with each new release will overall reduce the learning curve. Moreover, by upgrading one release at a time, users can learn the new versions by undergoing AutoCAD training in Mumbai in small steps. The result will be less time, effort and not to mention the cost. Access to web support, licensing rights, Autodesk 360 Benefits Subscription to Autodesk Maintenance helps customers maximize the power of their design tools, offering access to the latest software releases, remote access, Autodesk 360 benefits, etc. Becoming a maintenance subscription client not only provides users to Autodesk direct web support, but also its latest software versions. Users can keep themselves updated on the latest software versions of Autodesk by attending classroom and online trainings provided by some of the best Autodesk certified centres offering the best AutoCAD courses in Mumbai. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: