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Big game show 2016    gathered in Tokyo; Playstation; exhibition game — game on 7 September, Tokyo game show (Tokyo Game Show, abbreviated as TGS) was held in Chiba, Japan Makuhari Messe international large-scale video game exhibition. The content of the game show in Tokyo is mainly composed of all kinds of game consoles and entertainment software, computer games and games. Started in 1996, is the size of the E3 game show after the world’s second largest game show, has become the largest game show in asia. TGS2016 opening soon, SONY recently released the Tokyo Game Show Exhibitors list of games, each big gathering, the details are as follows: PS4 game: "Resident Evil 7" (Capcom) "Dynasty Warriors: Sanada (Koei Tecmo)" pill "Ren Wang" (Koei Tecmo) "HD 2.8" (Square Wang Guozhi Enix) "Final Fantasy: the 12 times" (Square Enix) "Final Fantasy 15" (Square Enix) "final fantasy world" (Square Enix) "blue revolution Valkyrie" (Sega) such as "6" (Sega) "gravity world 2" (SIE) "Horizon: dawn when" (SIE) "new Volkswagen Golf" (SIE) "GT Sport" (SIE) "call of Duty: Infinite War" (SIE) "SD Gundam G century: Genesis" (Bandai Namco) "sword domain of God: void fantasy" (Bandai Namco) Bandai Namco ("Tekken 7") "The Dragon Ball universe: Super 2" (Bandai Namco) "Fate Extella" (Marvelous) "Lego Star Wars: the awakening" (Warner Bros.) PSV game: "final fantasy world" (Square Enix) "Macross Delta: emergency attack (Bandai Namco)" "Fate Extella" (Marvelous) "Lego Star Wars: the awakening" (Warner Bros.) PS VR Rez Infinite (Enhance game: Games) "Resident Evil 7" (Capcom) "Miku: VR future concert" (Sega) Farpoint (SIE) PlayStation VR Worlds (SIE) RIGS: Mechanized Combat League (SIE) The Playroom VR (SIE) "idol master: Cinderella girl vision)相关的主题文章: