Tianjin District Secretary lost the deputy mayor and the alternate member of the Central Committee a-660003

Tianjin District vice mayor and Secretary of the Central Committee alternate election after the superstitious days ago, the CPC Tianjin Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection on the original Tianjin Municipal Committee, former Secretary of Jinnan District Committee Lv Fuchun serious violation case notification. The circular pointed out, Lv Fuchun serious violation of political discipline, superstitious activities; a serious violation of the provisions of the central eight spirit, by the official travel machine tour of public funds, illegal accepted dinner arrangements for the owners of private enterprises, public funds for reimbursement of personal expenses, long-term illegal occupation of bus; serious violations of discipline, to seek a promotion to the property of others, do not report personal matters according to the provisions of a serious violation of discipline; honest, accepting gifts, illegal profit-making activities, the use of authority to seek benefits for the relatives of the business activities; a serious violation of discipline, and other improper sexual relations; a serious violation of national laws and regulations, taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others in the business., soliciting or accepting huge property, after the party’s 18 is still not close hand convergence. The bulletin pointed out that Lv Fuchun was 39 years old to become a bureau level leading cadre, 43 years old was listed as the alternate candidate member of the Central Committee, 44 years old became Vice Mayor investigation object, work ability is not strong. But the growth in the individual road encountered a little bit of "not", especially the alternate member of the Central Committee and vice mayor of succession after the election, he abandoned the communist faith, superstition, to seek protection in the nothingness of the world. He spent hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy the Buddha at home, looking for Feng Shui to crack Feng Shui, divination future, ask people to fortune telling. Office, residence, and other official vehicles at full power, the growth of evil spirits misfortunes "sign" and "Qi", incense beads, patron stone, transport stone, feng shui ball everything. Lv Fuchun’s desire for development is extremely strong, personal status as "the success or failure of life signs, signs, glorify and illuminate the ancestors benefit source", "to get promoted as a top priority, to the extent of obsession of yearn day and night". He often let subordinates to accompany their chess to dawn, the external shape of "white and black" busy work image; love large-scale promotion of cadres Bo "word of mouth", for personal promotion increase the weight; trying to find ways to pull the running of gifts, relationship; alternate member of the Central Committee after the election, he was lost, then depressed. Lv Fuchun in 2010 after the divorce, to deceive the public, but the organization, still with his wife live together as husband and wife, wife of the name of his banner to engage in bartering also unchecked. Just as he said in the confession: "he did not have good sex, do not hold the moral bottom line" did not deal with family relations, if the matter is clean, not his own twisted like people like, to remedy the evil, in deeper and deeper". Lv Fuchun initially and enterprise boss contacts also cautious, but a long time, feel the friendship to think, "said is reasonable, from tobacco to Cordyceps that hundreds of thousands yuan, hundreds of million of money are safe. The annual "birthday feast" and the cost of private travel are all paid by the owners of private enterprises; he also sells a few fake antiques at a high price to those who know the false boss; borrow money from a boss and go to another boss in the name of relatives

天津一区书记落选副市长和中央候补委员后搞迷信   日前,中共天津市纪委就天津市委原委员、津南区委原书记吕福春严重违纪案发出通报。   通报指出,吕福春严重违反政治纪律,搞迷信活动;严重违反中央八项规定精神,借公务出国之机公款旅游,违规接受私营企业主安排的宴请,公款报销个人费用,长期违规占用公车;严重违反组织纪律,为谋求职务晋升送给他人财物,不按规定报告个人有关事项;严重违反廉洁纪律,收受礼金,违规从事营利活动,利用职权为亲属的经营活动谋取利益;严重违反生活纪律,与他人发生不正当性关系;严重违反国家法律法规规定,利用职务上的便利,在企业经营等方面为他人谋取利益,索取、收受巨额财物,党的十八大后仍不收敛不收手。   通报指出,吕福春39岁成为正局级领导干部,43岁被列为中央候补委员候选人,44岁成为副市长考察对象,工作能力不可谓不强。但在个人成长进步道路上遇到一点点“不顺”,特别是中央候补委员和副市长考察相继落选后,他便背弃共产党人的信仰,迷信鬼神,到虚无世界里寻求护佑。他花费数十万元购买佛像在家中供奉,找风水先生破解风水、卜问前程,请人算命。办公室、住处、公务用车等处布满消灾辟邪、增长权势的“符”与“器”,香炉佛珠、靠山石、转运石、风水球样样俱全。   吕福春仕途发展欲望极强,把个人地位的高低看成是“人生成败的标志、光宗耀祖的招牌、获得利益的来源”,“把求取升迁当成头等大事,到了朝思暮想的痴迷程度”。他常让下属陪其下棋到凌晨,对外塑造“白加黑”忙工作的形象;喜欢大规模批量提拔干部博“口碑”,为个人升迁增加“砝码”;挖空心思送礼跑官,拉关系找路子;中央候补委员落选后,他极度失落,此后意志消沉。   吕福春2010年离婚后,为掩人耳目、欺瞒组织,仍与前妻以夫妻名义共同生活,对前妻打着他的旗号搞权钱交易也听之任之。正如他在忏悔书中所说:“自己没有过好美色关,没有守住道德底线”“没有处理好家庭关系,当时如果把事情处理干净,也不至于把自己扭曲得不像人样,为弥补这些,在邪路上越陷越深”。   吕福春最初与企业老板交往还谨小慎微,但日子一长,觉得交情到了,认为“有所表示属情理之中”,从烟酒到虫草以至于几十万元、上百万元的钱物都安然收下。每年的“生日宴”和因私外出的费用全由私企老板买单;他还将几件假古董以高价“卖”给那些明知有假的老板;从一个老板那里借钱,以亲属名义去另一个老板的公司投资入股,玩“空手套白狼”。拿人家的手短、吃人家的嘴软,当这些老板找上门来求其帮忙时,他就打招呼、作暗示,利用职权为他们在工程招投标、项目验收、办理贷款等方面谋取利益,走上违纪破法的不归路。   通报强调,吕福春是党的十八大以来,天津市首位受到立案审查的现职区委书记。作为曾经的十七届中央候补委员候选人、副市长考察对象、部门和地区主要领导,他一步步堕落成“不信马列信鬼神,不重谋事重谋官,不精干事精敛财,不恋美德恋美色,不讲纪律讲‘四风’”的腐败分子,教训十分深刻。全市各级党组织和党员领导干部务必引以为戒,警钟长鸣。必须心无旁骛地修好共产党人的“心学”,时刻拧紧“总开关”,坚定政治信仰、站稳政治立场,做政治上的明白人。必须正确对待个人进退,涵养“功成不必在我”的胸襟,始终保持对党和人民事业的忠诚及勤勉敬业的精神。必须严以修身、廉洁齐家,自觉培养高尚道德情操,始终重品行作表率、知廉耻扬美德,做清廉家风的引领者。必须慎独慎微、抵制诱惑,积极践行“亲”“清”政商关系要求,始终明底线知敬畏、守纪律讲规矩。(天津市纪委)相关的主题文章: