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Tiangong two experimental equipment managing comprehensive test with satellite – Beijing all day long when escorting the Tiangong two experimental equipment have expected about 24 days to obtain the first test data with satellite application when escorting all day long Tiangong two in space travel has been a week. After the completion of the test equipment to carry out the power of self inspection, from today onwards, a full on orbit test, is expected to be about 24 days to get the first batch of application data. During the Tiangong two flight, a "protection of God" — side with satellite, has been in the escort. With the satellite escort by the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of innovation development of micro satellite Tiangong two with satellite is a micro satellite, it is a part of Tiangong two test tasks. With the design of miniaturization, light weight and density of the satellite, the satellite has the advantages of small size and light weight. In addition, it is equipped with a plurality of test load, and have strong ability to maneuver, with the flexibility and mobility to carry out space missions. Tiangong two with satellite during the mission to carry out with flying, flying over the observation and test of multi platform cooperative space space combination technology, test the main spacecraft support test and a number of new technologies, expand the application of space technology. As with the main spacecraft flying spacecraft, with satellite has a position relative to the main spacecraft near real-time, follow, can be used as a safe auxiliary tool is the main spacecraft, work state monitoring, security and defense of the main spacecraft that can provide direct technical support for astronauts and spacecraft rendezvous and docking. With the satellite has the ability to observe the space all day, it can monitor the space debris, such as the potential danger to the space station space targets. The Shenzhou artifact self adjoint satellite is also equipped with a high resolution full frame visible light camera, will orbit the high resolution images of Tiangong two and Shenzhou 11 combination of flight test in the process of space, it is self artifact temple and Shenzhou spacecraft. In addition, the position is to follow, provide space on orbit test task HD image recording, with satellite can spacecraft working status and space activities to provide direct support for image technology. The future will be equipped with VR camera technology personnel imagination, accompanied by satellite in this mission after the future, will be the astronaut can manipulate the robot, equipped with a VR camera, can achieve a more complex task space operation. With the satellite structure is small, light weight, flexible configuration tasks, the main operation of spacecraft launch easily, save the cost of launching, become a new spacecraft launch mode, can adapt to the special task. Future satellites can even personalize the social network to space. The satellite with flexible, can play a personal space imagination, creativity and innovation to achieve a variety of space. Beijing morning news reporter Han Na相关的主题文章: